Friday, December 18, 2009

Beckham Set For Old Trafford Reunion As Milan Face Man U Again

It looks like a day of unique things in this year's UEFA Champions League hasn't ended yet as the latest news on the drawing sparks another romantic memory with the meeting of Milan against Man United and Chelsea versus Inter. Milan who has a good memory in their past meetings with United especially the latest on in 2007 looked set to face the English champions once again next year with a special guest, David Beckham.

It will be a special moment for Becks, who after parting ways with the Red Devils hasn't had the chance to play against them again and the reunion at Old Trafford would definitely bring some old memories. Despite all of the tactical things, lots of people would believe that the meeting against United would really something that suits Milan as not only they have a good record against them but the fact that the English giant's style of play that is comfortable for Milan players.

However, Milan must not get over carried away as this time, their condition is a bit different, although Man U technically not as strong as they used to but so does Milan, unless off course something happens in January, still is drawing against United would also helped as Milan might just step up everything before meeting them, including doing something in January. Another thing that the Rossoneri should be taking a note is that this season they will play the 2nd leg away from home, which is different from the latest two previous meetings that sees them through.

Still is the drawing looks a good and set to be another emotional and cracking fixtures waiting for every team, for Milan off course they shouldn't be afraid but still if they want to go through, despite of their good record, the Italian Devil should take respect as United is United, a very strong and compact team that are always hard to crack. For football fans, it sure is something worth watching as the two clubs always gives entertaining matches that meets the eye.

The complete Drawing for Uefa Champions League :
Milan-Manchester United,

Bayern Muenchen-Fiorentina,
Olympiacos Pireaus-Bordeaux,
Cska Moskow-Sevilla,
Lyon-Real Madrid,

credit to for the complete drawing list.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Milan Needs for Christmas

The Fun fearless Milan under the new Leonardo regime, has finally put a little break in their last two games, a draw against Zurich and a shocking defeat against Palermo has really stop the Rossonerri good runs in a few months. Seeing the team play, the new formation does make Milan improves a lot, they started to entertain the crowd but there's a hint of imbalance in the squad that makes them somehow vulnerable at times.

On their day, Milan can really trashed their opponents but at times they can have lots of troubles breaking dawn defenses or defending a counter attack. Those two effect can be seen from the latest two games, against Zurich they were unable to break down Zurich's park the bus kind of defending despite the Swiss team ends the game with 10 men. Than against Palermo who was playing a similar style of Milan, not only the rossoneri failed to put one goal on the opponents net, they we caught twice on the counter.

Off course there is a reasonable arguments for those two games, in the Zurich games some of the starters were unfit, against Palermo Milan also lost Thiago Silva who is a very important player in defense this season for Milan along with Nesta. Looking at these facts it is a bit obvious that Milan is suffering when they have a key player missing in their team. It really does drives the obvious conclusion that the team is still very lack of squad depth, sadly it happens in all departments bar goal keeper.

In defense, Milan is highly dependent on Nesta and Silva playing together as the two are really completed each other, technically and mentally. Nesta is great but surely at 33 and after a season of tireless injuries he doesn't really had his usual pace, that's when Silva manage to cope with. Meanwhile, Silva who is still inexperience and made small mistakes is usually cover up by Sandro. Now if one of the two is absent, Milan looked worrying in defense, none of Kaladze or Favalli is giving a save and comforting feeling to Milan's defense if one of them do plays. The fact that Bonera is injured again really rings the bell on the Milan's management, which despite of Galliani recent statement saying only Becks (David Beckham) and Adiyiah will arrive, still doesn't make any sense regarding the fact that Diavolo Rosso does in need of depth at CB.
Aside from the CB, the question about Leonardo's request for an attacking LB still remain a mystery as despite Antonini being giving a shot but still Milan could actually get some more proper man, there are some links on the market linking the 7 time UCL champions with, however the most possible and useful one in my personal opinion would be Gareth Bale,  Felipe Luis or maybe Domenico Criscito. Still they probably need to sell someone maybe Jankulovski or Kaladze would be the appropriate choice as it would free up the space in the first team squad.

In Midfield Before January, the midfield probably still in some scarce as Leo loves to play the same formation all the times with Ambrosini-Pirlo and Seedorf, not that anything wrong as the three on their day arguably will put any midfield under lots of stress, but the fact that all three's age is 30 plus kind of making Milan's centrocampista's form is such a roller-coaster as they can be amazing in 1-2 games but went bent on the next consecutive match. However with the arrival of Becks it should cover the team from January to June off course it should also be noted that Leo must make more use of Flamini and the young talented Davide Di Gennaro as if not having one man (Becks) to rotate with Pirlo and Seedorf would still be hard with their upcoming schedule in 2010. Flamini at the moment is only being considered to replace Ambro, but with a bit adjustment on his 4-3-3 formation, Leo can actually use Flam to rotate with Pirlo or even Seedorf.

In the Attacking Department Milan's attacking has improves a lot, but in the recent two games it is obvious at times that the squad could really use alternatives as too people that can really replace the front three of Ronaldinho-Borriello-Pato, tactically and technically. Maybe Borrie's post is a bit covered, although Leo still being criticized for not using Huntelaar more often than he probably should, however two wide forwards of Dinho and Pato are still uncovered, some said Adiyiah could help out, but it is still remain a question not to mention the fact that the young Ghanian will be representing his country in January at the African Cup, would mean Milan is still being left with depth problems too up front. Taking aside from Galliani's inconsistent words, it looks like the rumors on Milan eying Lazio's Goran Pandev might be the perfect solution for the Rossoneri, the Macedonian striker is known as a versatile forward that can play wide in any position as he got the skill and pace to do so. The problem about Pandev, probably only occurs on how match fit could be as Lazio never played him after the dispute he has with the Roman based club's owner.
But as I said, taking away the concern about his match fitness, personally Pandev would be a great solution for Milan, and even if Milan do take the rumored players like Krasic and Dzeko in the summer, that wouldn't really troubles Pandev as he is as I said a very versatile player and still only 26. Another rumor also linking Milan with the possibility of loaning Di Natale, that would also do good for the Rossoneri, but I don't really think that is a possible thing to do, plus if Milan can snatch Pandev, it would probably a better investment as he is also a perfect player for Leonardo's tactic.

With this facts, surely the decision is now at Milan's management as the fans are now beginning to have high hopes for the new era Milan under Leo especially with their current achievement. However if they don't really uses this Christmas time to write something for Santa, it would be very curious to see how would Milan do with those missing links and depth that the squad currently has. Anyway Happy Birthday Milan!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all the clubs staff, players, management team and surely fans!!!
Lets just see does Santa has something special for Milan fans in January!!!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Milan's Winter Transfer Rumors

 January is about to come and the winter break is probably what Ac Milan needs at the moment to save up their energy, regroup and get new reinforcement as they will be facing difficult and tighter games in 2010. Especially with the current problems in their defense and rotation system, Milan looks that they should do something this January, aside from two confirmed transfers (David Beckham and Dominic Adiyiah), I round up some other names that are currently possible enough to come this winter.
 Here are some Winter transfer rumors for Milan:
  • Cedric Mongoungu (As Monaco): 20 years old and highly rated French defender, that currently playing at AS Monaco, Cedric has been approached by Milan's management because of his versatility in defense as he can play as wing back and also at CB. The young player has expressed that he won't reject the chance in playing for the Rossonerri, however no official news regarding any deal has surfaced yet.
  • Davide Astori (Cagliari): The 22 years old CB, is a Milan youth product and is currently co-owned by Cagliari and Ac Milan. With the injury numbers on the CB area, Astori's return that was previously rumored will be done on June next year could be likely moved up this January. The young defender recent performance reportedly has convinced Leonardo, that the 22-years-old lad is ready for first team action in Milan
  • Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspurs) : the rumors regarding the young talented Welsh wing back actually emerged last summer, stating that Milan will be adding him this winter to fill in the LB area and really puts in what Leonardo's idea of an good attacking Wing Back. The 20 years-old is being told to be exchanged with Milan's Marek Jankulovski who has been criticized lately by the fans due to his poor performance defensively. Having already get into action, it remains to be see whether the rumors about Bale turn out to be true or just a media hoax.
Those are some current transfer rumors that are possible enough to happen this winter as Milan doesn't look like strengthening much in other department, as they already have new signings in David Beckham and Dominic Adiyiah, however there are some conditions that may make Milan add one attacking player, to rotate with Ronaldinho and Pato or another Midfielder incase Gattusso decided to leave in January. However there are no possible targets as just yet that I can really find for those areas, as all of Milan's likely target would not be available on the market this winter. FYI: the targets that I referred are Edin Dzeko and Milos Krasic.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Video: FC Zurich v Ac Milan 1-1 (1-0)

Milan goes through from Uefa Champions League group stage with a minus note as they only got a draw against Zurich. The Rossoneri needs a bit of aid from rival Real Madrid which in the other game manage to beat Marseille 3-1 to give Milan a path to the next round.

The Rossonerri were playing below par, arguably with some important players such as Ronaldinho, Ambrosini and Thiago Silva were not actually match fit yet. The latter even had to leave the field early, however Milan that played poorly in the first half and were a goal down, managed to shape up a bit in the second half to equalize via Dinho's penalty after Marco Borriello was hacked down in the penalty box.
The Brazilian superstar doesn't make any mistake in converting the penalty and made the scoreline 1-1, however with a man advantage (as Zurich player who gave away the penalty been send off) Milan still unable to take advantage and missed out on few chances to win the game.

Here is the highlights of the game:

Dewa Nugraha

Monday, December 7, 2009

Milan Called Up Players against Zurich

Ac Milan has announced Leonardo's called up players for the upcoming final Uefa Champions League game against FC Zurich in Swiss
here are the names as written at Ac
Here are the 23 called up Rossoneri players by coach Leonardo for Zurich-Milan:
Dida, Storari, Roma, Antonini, De Vito (n°56), Jankulovski, Kaladze, Nesta, Pasini (n°57), Thiago Silva, Abate, Ambrosini, Flamini, Novinic (n°55), Pirlo, Seedorf, Borriello, Di Gennaro, Huntelaar, Inzaghi, Pato, Ronaldinho, Verdi (n°58)

Unavailable players: Oddo, Onyewu, Gattuso.

Suspended players: Zambrotta

Video: Milan V Sampdoria 3-0

Here is the Highlights of Milan v Samdoria last saturday!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bonera and Jankulovski to Join Team Soon

Just heard and exciting news from, stating that two currently injured Milan defenders Daniele Bonera and Marek Jankulovski are set to join the team as soon as possible. Both players that have been missing for sometime, reportedly have been doing well on their recovery program and it won't take a long time before the two can finally play again.

Regarding Bonera, who has been absent from the latter part of last season, the news revealed that he already managed to follow all the training session with the team. Which surely means that he will be at Leonardo's disposal as soon as possible, maybe even in the near serie A game against Sampdoria, Bonera will be filling the bench.

Meanwhile as for Janku, it might take a little bit longer as he is currently still undergoing a special program to recover his fitness after the removal of a plat on his left ankle. However, it is still a question mark about Janku's future in Milan as previous rumors stated that he will be traded with Spurs' young wing back, Gareth Bale, in the next January transfer market.

Nevertheless, the news is surely a pleasing one for Milan, especially with the fact that their defense has been questionable in recent games, the over dependent on Nesta and Silva's form is one problem that could be solved by Bonera's return. With the form of Kaladze that's keep on degrading, Bonera who is still considered one of Milan's young and promising defenders would help add depth for Milan's backline.
Now the question is not only when will Bonera is fit enough to play but also how will he ever get back to his best form on the Milan's shirt with his previous long injury? We shall see soon!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Huntelaar Refuses Van Basten Comparation

Many words are swerving on Milan's camp and media commenting Klaas Jan Huntelaar latest goals for the team against Catania, some people are finally suggesting that the Hunter could be compared with Milan's previous legend Marco Van Basten. However, understanding the legendary status of his senior, Huntelaar calmly denied the news about his being compare to Van Basten by stating that he is just a player that only scored two goals and not yet on the level of the legendary Milan bomber.

Speaking to the press, Huntelaar stated his few about people's comparing him to Van Basten, "Don't make comparisons between myself and Van Basten. He is part of the history of Milan, I just scored a nice goal," Huntelaar said. The Hunter also said that he loved the appreciation and support that his teammates gives him after scoring against Catania, stating, "The embrace from my team-mates was both exciting and beautiful.

However it remains a question as would the Hunter starts Milan's next game against Samdoria ahead of the also in-form Marco Borriello, the latter has been performing like his Genoa form and looks very strong. But if Leonardo wanted to keep a fresh line up before the deciding Champions League match against Zurich few days after the serie A game, than rotating the front players would be a good option as Milan's minuses in their current good form is a proper rotation that made their players easily gets tired.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Congratz ! Lionell Messi Wins Ballon D'or

Having been rumored to win the award for times and times by the media, finally the news have come true as the latest report stated that Barcelona and Argentina's super star Lionel Messi has been heralded as this year's Ballon d'Or winner beating the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo on second place and the Argentinian player's club teammate Xavi Hernandez that arrives at third place.

According to, the Barcelona's ace has managed to receive a record breaking votes of about 473 out of the possible 480 points, moreover this award also made Messi as the first Argentinian to win the Ballon d'Or. The 22 years-old reportedly will official received the award on Sunday evening, at a Gala event in Paris.

Speaking about his excitement of receiving the award at France Football's website, Leo Messi said, "It is my great honour to be selected for the Ballon d'Or, but also to be the first Argentine in history to receive this award,"Moreover he added, "Honestly, I knew I was among the favourites, because Barca enjoyed a successful 2009 where we won everything. But I did not expect to win by a margin as large [240 points]. You know, the Ballon d'Or, is something very important to me. All those who won were great players. And some greats have never won it."

Well, in my personal opinion based on the past winner and the "standart" of the awarding, Messi hats off really deserved the award as he has been instrumental for Barcellona last season, not only in playing and leading his team but also in terms of scoring important goals for the squad. As we know Barca also have other infuential actors such as Xavi and Iniesta on the squad but in terms of overall contribution, which mostly count as goals, Messi certainly deserved to be noted in front.
Congrats to Messi...

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Highlights Video Catania v Milan 0-2

It might be a little late but still is great to see two amazing late goals from Klaas Jan Huntelaar against Catania, on Sunday night. It was an emotional win in the end for the Milan boys as after the final whistle everyone congratulate the Hunter for his two goals which were his first ever on a Milan shirt.

The most interesting thing is on both goals he collaborate with Pippo which in theory is a bit hard to digest as the two are supposed to be strikers with the same characteristic, however in terms of extraordinary situation the two somehow manage to combine well and Hunt finally gets his break. As for the second goal, it was obvious that the Dutch striker has finally find his confidence as he put in a class goal with a lovely chip that beats Andujar for the second time in just a minute after the first goal.

The big question is would this finally be the real turning point for Hunt's future in Milan? only time will tell, at the moment surely the striker would cherish his two goals and beliefs that he can do it. It is surely a good news for Milan as after Marco Borriello also starting to find his feet at Milan, now with Huntelaar also getting a morale boost, it would be good for the team as they would have strikers that they can really rely on each games, it would be hard off course for Leo but it is actually what Milan needed. Yes, the team could really use a rotation, by rotating the players Milan will have the energy level to play in tight schedule games more consistently, another option is there's could be a chance to even play Borri and Hunt together with the consideration to rest Pato sometimes, as the Brazilian striker never seems to be rested and always play to the full 90 under Leo.

Well there are many option for Milan with the supposedly resurrection of Huntelaar all choices is up to Leo but it is all looking good for Milan in the future.
Here is a nice clip of Goal Highlights from Catania v Milan: Enjoy

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Milan Beaten By Club America 2-1

Milan takes a bad trend as the team lost out on their third friendly game this summer against CF America in Atlanta, USA. I'll rossoneri which is involved in this year's World Club Football Challenge in the states, fail to register a win in their first game as the Mexican club, takes them down in an pretty interesting and rough game.

The first half, was started in a nice tempo, with the Mexican has more of the attacking intentions despite not making many clear cut chances except for one shoot from Cabanas that was easily pick up by the goal keeper. Nevertheless, Club America managed to test out Milan's defense that stud out pretty well with Allesandro Nesta seems set for this season. Despite not making lots of shots on goal, Milan had the better chances from the two in the first half with Antonini's shot which ballooned over after his nice run spotted by Ronaldinho, another best chance for the I'll Diavollo Rosso comes from Dinho's free kick which hits the bar.

The second half, Milan actually played much better, they created more chances and manage to create some openings. However, their defense without Nesta, who was replaced by Onyewu right at the start of the half, remains a questions as they conceded two cheap goals, that comes from their own making. America took the lead through esqueda who somehow manage to escape Milan's defender attention, in this part Onyewu, as he slot in an easy goal in the 55 minute. However Milan strikes back with a lovely taken goal by Inzaghi from an impressive assist by Mathieu Flamini, providing an Pirlo like ball to the 35 years old goal poacher, who finished with a flourished.

As the game seems heading to a penalty shoot out, once again Milan's defense reveals it's prone through crosses, from the same left area of Milan's field a decent cross was headed by marquez who out jumped Zambrotta to put the ball, in the corner pass Storari who can't do anything about it. Milan tried to react after the goal, as they missed out on few chances notably young Gianmarco Zigoni's shot in the penalty area that was unfortunately wide, the 18 year's old seems to be having a bad day as earlier he also missed a great opportunity as his header hit the upright. One last try comes from Italian u-21 starlet Ignazio Abate who saw his shoot fist away by the CF America's keeper.

Milan would need to fix more of their performance as they will be facing more difficult opponents in the next couple of days, starting from Chelsea on Friday (local time) and Inter on Sunday. However, Milan might be able to field in a better squad with Pato, Pirlo, Borriello, Ambrosini and Thiago Silva, who were absent in today's match, could return to the squad.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Milan Tracking Amantino Mancini and Trezeguet?

The rumor mill about Milan's transfer is going stronger and wider each time as the latest news from the media suggested that the Rossoneri are planning to take either or maybe both Amantino Mancini or David Trezeguet. There are reports that Mancini could be brought as a loan deal with a buy out option as for Trezegol the media suggested that he could be swapped with Massimo Oddo.

However both of the news remains uncertain as there are no official statement from Milan or either Inter and Juve as the two players current club. However, both Mancini and Trezeguet are being touted as the players that will leave their teams before the serie A resume in August.

This rumors about the Italian most successful club in Europe keeps on emerging as the team is being considered not to buy a decent replacement yet for the departure of their talisman Ricky Kaka. Up till now, Milan has only bought Onyewu on a free transfer deal and getting back some of their loaned out talent such as Abate and Di Gennaro ad also getting young Primavera talents such as Giacomo Beretta and Gianmarco Zigoni.

Beside Mancini and Trezeguet, Milan are also linked with Edin Dzeko and Luis Fabiano, whose transfer plan are still in doubt due to disagreement in transfer fees. Another striker that reportedly is also under Ill Diavolo Rosso's radar is former Inter Milan's goal pucher Adriano, who spent his last days playing in Brazil.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ignazio Abate Ready For Milan

Arriving back to the Milan camp after an extra holiday given due to his participation for the Italian U-21 at the latest European U-21 championship, Ignazio Abate talked to Milan channel, revealing his excitement to play for Milan after series on loan experiences. Speaking about returning to Milan, Abate stated that "I've come here with great humility, I'll try to take my chances and put the coach in difficulty. I only have to think about working and being ready."

Moreover Abate also added that he is confident that he will fit properly in Milan's new system as he claimed that Leo's new tactics is suitable to his playing characteristic. "The coach and my team mates know my characteristics, I'll try to use them to the fullest. Concerning the system, I think it's right for my characteristics, so I'll have more chances compared to previous years and as I said I have to be ready, " Abate said.

Beside talking about his preparation, the 23 your old Italian international also speak about other players such as Ronaldinho and Andrea Pirlo. About dinho, Abate believes that the Brazillian super star would be back at his best next season adding that he also hopes Pirlo will stay at Milan regardind the rumors that the Italian superstar is set to leave the club for Chelsea.

On the latter note, Abate also said his opinion about the future of Milan without Kaka on the squad saying that despite the Brazilian Ace's important contribution to the Italian giants, he believes the team will still be competitive. "He's certainly a very important player, but this is a year of renewal, many things have changed, the system and we will use other characteristics," said Abate.

Milan are preparing for their trip to US where they will play some games including heavy matches against Chelsea and Inter. The boys are scheduled to take off on Saturday, July 18 from Milanello.

Video of Abate's Interview:

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gourcuff Want's a Return to Serie A

Milan's loaned out midfielder Yoan Gourcuff signaling that he
would like another shot in serie A and a chance to prove his worth
especially to Milan. The young French starlet who currently playing
for Bordeaux revealed his wishes to the press recently saying that
he is ready to play for a bigger club and would love to return
in serie A. However Gourcuff did added that even if he won't be returning
to Milan it would be a problem to him as long as he can play at
a club as big as Milan. For me his statement would just be an invitation
for Milan to get more serious in bringing him back, sort of saying
if you want me come get me!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Milan 20 Players Against Rangers

Milan has already announced the 20 players that will be available for the friendly match against Rangers tonight 20:45 Italian time. From the list it looks like we will finally see the performance of Mattioni the new Brazilian RB.
Here is the players that Carletto will brought against Rangers:
GOALKEEPERS: Dida, Donnarumma (n.50) -
DEFENDERS: Antonini, Darmian, Jankulovski, Senderos, Thiago Silva (n.33), Mattioni (n.2), Albertazzi (n.56) -
MIDFIELDERS: Beckham, Cardacio, Flamini, Pirlo, Strasser (n.51) -
STRIKERS: Kakà, Inzaghi, Pato, Seedorf, Shevchenko, Ronaldinho.
Stay tuned for the result and after match review

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Gilardino's Statement of Milan is Stupid

Milan is known as a club that always give fair chances and amazing treatment to their players, those things that makes them one of the destination for many top soccer players. Even until these days, many ex-players loves the club for all the magnificent treatment they have had. Unfortunately a few days ago the pride of Milan have been injured by one of their ex-player, Alberto Gilardino, who said that the years he had in Milan was the worse years. It is a truly painful and disrespectful words for Milan especially to the fans that has been supporting him throughout those years. Why i considered Gila's words was inappropriate? Simple, what he considered as the worse years wast not all Milan's fault but most of it was his!!!! The club has payed a lot of money to take him Parma, they hope a lot of him, the club has given all the chances in the world, but he waste a lot of them. It is very obvious that his poor mentality was the main key for all the problems he had in Milan, he just crumbled to the pressure and not prepared yet playing in a big club.
Not only that, i also think Gila's statement was stupid than anything because although he already scored quite a lot of goals this season, it is more of a personal achievement rather than his team's. In Milan despite failing to score regularly, he had the experience to win lots of trophies, playing in the Champions League and practicing in a fantastic environment with great players around him. It is an experience that he would probably won't be having in his current club for a long time!!!! Great players cherish and learn from each moments on their live, no matter how sweet or sour it is. For Me, Gila's recent statement is proves that he is still immature and he might not be heading nowhere with Fiorentina, with that stupid statement! Milan is a great club with fantastic players and environment, its a privilege to join the family, denying the fantastic conditions the Rossoneri has, Gila should really explain the meaning of his statement, especially to Milanisti. As he knows there are some fans that supported him throughout his tough years, and certainly his recent statement would shattered their heart. If he feel his feeling better on his new club, there is no need to say bad words to the club that has also given him a lot. My suggestion if he considered himself as a good player, he should Apologize!!!! but if he won't i can say that he is a disrespectful lad that doesn't need to be respected.

The Importance of Milan's Dubai TC

The Serie A competition is having a break and will resume next year starting on January, all teams are set to prepare their squad right after the Christmas holiday with different purposes. The big three, Inter, Juve and Milan are definitely preparing themselves to win the Scudetto, while others are aiming for Champions League zone, UEFA spot and escaping relegation battle.

Concerning the race for the Scudetto, though some pundits claim that the battle will only be between Inter and Juve, but never loose eyes on Milan as the Rossoneri would give a Shockwave for the two teams above them. Despite trailing 9 points behind Inter, Milan are only 3 points away from Juve and with many games still left to play, don't back them out as just yet.

However, it won't be an easy ride for the 7 times Champions League winner to catch Inter as they will face a tough schedule after the break, which is playing Roma and Fiorentina. That's why, the Red and Black squad must do very well on their preparation in Dubai, that will start on December 29. As many may know, one of the reasons that put Milan 9 points away from Inter is their poor Pre-season prep. Without managing to field in most of their squad in last summer pre-season, the team have to work extra hard in getting the players to gel this season, not to mention the poor physical conditions that led to many injuries. So in order to step up their performance after the Holiday, Milan needs to nail their Dubai training.

The Rossoneri would certainly have some of their injured list back on Dubai though some may still be missing,but the likes of Flamini, Ambrosini, Borrielo and maybe Bonera could be there. With the addition of David Beckham, their winter camp would be sparkling as ever but more than that the Italian giant would certainly hopes that they won't be loosing anymore players. Why is this winter camp important for Milan's season? Well it's an easy answer since the team fail to practice together last summer, the upcoming training camp would be the perfect tools in gelling the squad and making any new tactical variations , especially preparing the squad if they should play without their key players gattuso and maybe Kaka. If it goes well, this will definitely make Milan more solid in facing the obstacles ahead of them as in technical aspects no one would doubt that the Red and Black are on top of the table in Serie A this season.

The question would be what Milan should do to play more consistent and get lots of points especially against weaker teams, beside luck that is. On the technical aspect, the Rossoneri only need an intensive work to gel the team and get the players to know each others game more. Aside from that, Ancelotti should also build other combinations and tactics especially in attacking and defending. This would really help them if they should loose one or two important players in the remaining games (other than Rhino).

Another important discussion that rings on the Milan camp is whether they should buy a new DM in replace of Gattuso or not. Loosing Rhino for predictably until the end of the season would definitely troubles the Rossoneri, however they actually still have other players on the squad that can cover Rhino, such as Flamini and Ambrosini not to mention other players like Seedorf, Jankulovski and new boy David Beckham that can be shifted as Pirlo's partner in the heart of Milan's play. If those players are fit for the remaining matches, then a new midfielder won't be much of a use unless he is a very-very good player and will remain for a long time at the club. Some fans even suggested that rather than purchasing a replacement for Gattuso, Milan should rather get a new CB that can directly play from January (Milan already bought Thiago Silva, but he will be eligible next season). With the unlikely recovery of Alessandro Nesta and the shaky performance of the Ill Capitano and Kaladze, it would be wiser if Adriano Galliani cash out on someone like Santacroce or even Mexes to fill in the hole on the defense. Certainly with a better defense, the Rossoneri's striking force can fully concentrate on scoring goals and not only that, a strong back line would really lift the players confidence and mentality especially in big games.

Preview Milan v Catania

This weekend would be another important week for the Rosoneri as they hope that their recent negative results would finally end certainly by beating Catania at San Siro. The red and black squad would definetely won't want to lose more ground on the title race, specially knowing that they are now 6 points away from league leader Inter. However many would predict that it won't be an easy job for Milan knowing that ahead of the clash against Catania, the Rossoneri are in the bak of two loses against Palermo (Last Week in Serie A) and agaist Lazio (Wednesday on Italian Cup), mentally it won't be easy for Milan players to bounce back immideately. Fortunately, for the 7 times Champions League Winner, aside from the negative aspect, preparing for the game, they also have some positive boost that could help them grab the three point on Sunday.
Sheva's Return
The first aspect would be their will to win,the fact that Milan have fail to win on their last four games in all competition would definetely boost them to give everything on Sunday. Beside that the team would probably have some of their injured and suspended players like gattuso and Pirlo back for that game, as for Pirlo though he is still feeling his game after injury, the match against Catania could be the perfect time that Tinkerbell shows his magical touch in midfield. Another important aspect that could also help Milan's road to victory this weekend is Sheva's confidence which is at a high level after scoring a classic goal agaist Lazio.
Although he missed some chances before scoring, but after the goal it looks like he has found the confidence he needed to score goals, specially in Serie A. Certainly with this factor and the injury of their first choices striker such as Pato and Borriello, Ancelotti seems ready to give the Ukrainian another shot to start the serie game. With a different mentality, certainly the tifosi could expect Sheva to score his first and maybe second in Seria again on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the away team would definetely hoped that they could reply last season's result which is a (1-1) draw. With their recent unconvinving form, Gli Elephanty would cherish a draw against a technically more superior Milan than last season.
Key actor: Ronaldinho, Shevchenko, Pirlo and Kaka (this four players would be the main key for Milan to grab 3 points at San Siro, specially for Shechenko, the fans are keen to see whether he has really find his confidence back or not)' Mascara ( the playmaker usually plays well against big teams, moreover in the past he often troubles Milan, though this season his form decreased quite a lot)
Probable formation:
Abbiati (g); Zambrotta, bonera, kaladze, jankulovski; gattuso, Pirlo, flamini; kaka,ronaldinho/ seedorf; Shevchenko/PAto (he is in doubt for the match)

Bizzarri (g); Sardo, Stovini, Silvestri, Alvarez; Ledesma, Carboni, Biagianti; Mascara; Paolucci, Plasmati

10 Men Milan Beaten By Lazio

Well it was another negative episode for Milan as for the second time in a row they faces defeat. After being humiliated by Palermo last weekend, this time it's LAzio's turn to put dirt on Milan's face as the Biancoceleste defeated the Italian giants 2-1 after extra time at the quarter final of Copa Italia last night at San Siro, Milan. It was Goran Pandev, who scored the ultimate blow for Milan, on the 93rd minutes.
It was once again a weird match for the Rossoneri, who has to play without lots of their main man such as Pirlo, Gatusso, Pato, Borrielo and Ambrosini, as they was force to left the field empty handed despite not playing that bad. On the contrary Milan could have win the match, if not for some miss chances in the first half and also Emerson's sending off on the second half. Despite the missed chances and the sending off, Milan did manage to score first through Andry Shvechenko's amazing strike, unfortunately just minutes from taking the victory, Favalli's clumsy defending allow Lazio to get level through Zarate's penalty, after Milan's veteran defender committed a foul inside the box. With Shevchenko out of the field, Milan who doesn't have any more option upfront find it hard to hit back at Lazio, specially after the Biancoceleste finally took the lead thrugh Pandev on the extra time.
Commenting about the lose, Milan's coach Ancelotti claimed that the defeat was disappointing but he still sees a positive aspect on the game which is Sheva's goal. "This is not a difficult time for us, It’s a defeat, but it isn’t too painful. We can already get back on track against Catania on Sunday. The important thing tonight was that Shevchenko was able to find the net again," Carletto said.

Milan 1-2 Lazio
Scorers: Shevchenko 76 (M), Zarate pen 87 (L), Pandev 92 (L)
Sent off: Emerson 66 (M)
Milan: Dida; Antonini (Jankulovski 76), Senderos, Kaladze, Favalli; Flamini, Emerson, Seedorf (Zambrotta 73), Kaka, Ronaldinho; Shevchenko (Cardacio 85)
Lazio: Muslera; Lichtsteiner (Meghni 42), Rozehnal, Diakitè, Kolarov; Dabo (Mauri 85), Ledesma, De Silvestri; Foggia; Rocchi (Zarate 72), Pandev
Ref: Ayroldi

Analyzing Milan's Resent Poor Result

Many fans maybe wondering, what happened to Milan in these past few weeks as they went front 1 point above Inter and suddenly ends up 6 point a drift in less than a month. Well my analyzes for the cause it's all about mentality, not that Milan doesn't have a strong character but obviously the team is having trouble in determining their focus and concentration in the title race.
If you guys realize, Milan's recent negative result emerged right after they take the Serie A table (after defeating Napoli), the next weekend they have to loose their top spot after only drawing against Lecce and from then on Milan's form started to decrease and reach its peak on last Sunday's game against Palermo, which ends their 11 match unbeaten record, after two horrible defeat at the start of serie A.
This fact shows that after more than 2 years absence in the title chase, it seems Milan players are still feeling the chill (just like a mediocre team that have just lead the table) as they began to feel the pressure and taking it as a burden rather than motivation. After leading the table for a week, the players looked so tense as they take on the field looking like they want to end the game as soon as possible. Another aspect that cause the Rossoneri's nervousness is the fact that in all the recent matches that they played, the team have to play after their rivals (specially Inter) played, it is definitely a mentally tough and difficult for the Rossoneri playing the away games knowing the facts that they could loose more ground if they can't win.
Those problems are the things that i considered as the main causes for the recent lack of form from Milan. The solution that the coaches and players should do, is to stay calm and react just like after they had their first two defeats in Serie A, which is playing to win each games without concerning the table as just yet, with the quality that Milan have, i do believe they can do it despite that the team do need a little more time to completely gel as they do have a terrible pre-season.
The winter break would definitely make things better for them, but just before doing it just like i wrote before, i do hope Milan will play for each games ant forget the table for a while, they've done it before why can't they do it again??
Forza Milan

Preview Palermo v Milan

Haven't post for a few days now, so I'm happy to post again...
Today I'd like to give a preview for Milan's upcoming match, another tricky features against Palermo at Renzo Barberra. Coming there after three straight draws on their away matches (including the UEFA cup ) match, Milan would certainly hope that they would grab all three points against Palermo in order to keep their point closer to Inter.
Not only coming from not a poor away result, Milan would also miss out some players through injury and susspension, such as Nesta, Borriello and Kaka so it would probably effect them a bit, however with the amazing squad that they have this season it is actually downs to Ancelotti on how would MIlan approach the game. Palermo is a good team, but Milan usually plays pretty well against a good team this season, especially when they play an open football, it should be easier for the likes of Dinho and Pato to accelerate the gaps on Palermo defense. Without Kaka, Milan might loose some pace upfront but it should be handle by Pato, personally i hope Borriello can recover and help out the team, but if he is not available, it looks like Milan will play with the usual tree formation with Seedorf replacing Kaka.
Beside Ronaldinho and Pato the key player for Milan in this game is definitely Andrea Pirlo, though he hasn't back at his best against Torino, but i believe he will play an important role especially to control the game in the midfield which has been a problem for Milan lately. With their concentration intact in Serie A this season you can be sure that the Rossoneri won't let this one slip again, so it will be an interesting match guys!!!
Probable Formation
Palermo:Amelia; Cassani, Carrozzieri, Bovo, Balzaretti; Nocerino, Liverani, Bresciano, Simplicio; Cavani, Miccoli

Abbiati; Zambrotta, Bonera, Kaladze, Jankulovski; flamini, Pirlo, Gattuso; Ronaldinho, Seedorf/shevchenko; Pato
Milan would probably play the Christmas tree formation even with the absence of Kaka, which would let Seedorf take the BRazilian Ace's place. Though they could play with two strikers upfront, however the absence of Borrielo would certainly deny that chance. But if Ance should decide to play with two striker from the start, i would recomend Sheva first than Pippo if things didn't go well, why? honestly i think Sheve needs more playing time to get his confidence and sharpness back, it would be a useless move by bringing him back if he can't get back to his past form. plus if Sheva could get back to his old form, it would be easier for MIlan in winning the Serie A and other targets this season^^
Forza Milan

Preview Palermo v Milan

Haven't post for a few days now, so I'm happy to post again...
Today I'd like to give a preview for Milan's upcoming match, another tricky features against Palermo at Renzo Barberra. Coming there after three straight draws on their away matches (including the UEFA cup ) match, Milan would certainly hope that they would grab all three points against Palermo in order to keep their point closer to Inter.
Not only coming from not a poor away result, Milan would also miss out some players through injury and susspension, such as Nesta, Borriello and Kaka so it would probably effect them a bit, however with the amazing squad that they have this season it is actually downs to Ancelotti on how would MIlan approach the game. Palermo is a good team, but Milan usually plays pretty well against a good team this season, especially when they play an open football, it should be easier for the likes of Dinho and Pato to accelerate the gaps on Palermo defense. Without Kaka, Milan might loose some pace upfront but it should be handle by Pato, personally i hope Borriello can recover and help out the team, but if he is not available, it looks like Milan will play with the usual tree formation with Seedorf replacing Kaka.
Beside Ronaldinho and Pato the key player for Milan in this game is definitely Andrea Pirlo, though he hasn't back at his best against Torino, but i believe he will play an important role especially to control the game in the midfield which has been a problem for Milan lately. With their concentration intact in Serie A this season you can be sure that the Rossoneri won't let this one slip again, so it will be an interesting match guys!!!
Probable Formation
Palermo:Amelia; Cassani, Carrozzieri, Bovo, Balzaretti; Nocerino, Liverani, Bresciano, Simplicio; Cavani, Miccoli

Abbiati; Zambrotta, Bonera, Kaladze, Jankulovski; flamini, Pirlo, Gattuso; Ronaldinho, Seedorf/shevchenko; Pato
Milan would probably play the Christmas tree formation even with the absence of Kaka, which would let Seedorf take the BRazilian Ace's place. Though they could play with two strikers upfront, however the absence of Borrielo would certainly deny that chance. But if Ance should decide to play with two striker from the start, i would recomend Sheva first than Pippo if things didn't go well, why? honestly i think Sheve needs more playing time to get his confidence and sharpness back, it would be a useless move by bringing him back if he can't get back to his past form. plus if Sheva could get back to his old form, it would be easier for MIlan in winning the Serie A and other targets this season^^
Forza Milan

Ac Milan v Chievo Players Rating

It might be a little late to review this match, but here is my version of Milan's player rating.
nb: my rate is around (5-9)
Abbiati (6,5): Not really troubled expect from one long range shot and some dead ball situation but he play a secure game that day
bonera (6): Not particularly a good game by Boner, as he did not help a lot in offense and wasn't convincing in defense as he really had to thanks Flamini for covering him most of the time (where is antonini???)
favalli (6,5): Favalli actually did pretty well on the game, but I'm not at all convinced by him as he almost make one or two horror mistake
Kaladze (6,5): Not a great game by Kala as he was caught in a few occasion by pellisier, but overall he play a save game for Milan
Jankulovski (8,5): My man of the match, the only Milan player that looked so lively on the pitch for the whole 90 minutes, his forward runs troubled the Chievo defense and if not for Sorrentino he could have score a hattrick on the game
Gattusso (8,5) : another MIlan player that play really well, Rhino battle really hard though he made some loss pass in some occasion but he made it up with a tough performance on the pitch
Flamini (7) : Eventhough he hasn't show his Arsenal form yet, especially at going forward, but Flamini play really well in the defense aspect, he press the chievo players to make lots of mistake and help Bonera a lot on the right side
Seedorf (6,5) : another so-so performance by the dutchman as once again he showed that he is not Andrea Pirlo, Seedorf looked so selfish in many occasion and made some awful pass when attacking
Kaka (7): Not his best game certainly, but he still has some magical moments, though he strangely looked exhausted in most part of the game
Ronaldinho (7,5) : He is getting back at his best, Ronnie showed once again that his condition is getting close to his past form, did some magic and very involve in the game, just lack a little bit sharpness
Inzaghi (5,5) : From his position and responsibility, i have to say pippo was the most disappointing player for Milan that day, he did not make a lot of contribution and barely had a sniff of the opponents goal
sub Pato (6) : Pato played a little bit better than Pippo, as he manage to create one of two chances and promising moves, unfortunately his immaturity is still shown on the game-

Analyzing Milan's Goal Drought

Milan's 1-0 victory against Chievo, last week is important indeed but it is also left lots of milanisti with huge disappointment as the team still fails to deliver the magical performance that the fans craving and has been expecting. The fans expect a hungry Milan that pour opponent's defense with lots of goals and honestly seeing Milan's roster it is not to much of an asking for. Unfortunately up till now, especially the past 3-4 games the Rossoneri cant seem to score more than 1 goal in a game though they had tons of chances on those matches.
This fact brings forward a new debate among the fans and press about Milan's forward, with a pack of world class attacker, the rossoneri seems difficult to brake the deadlock, many speculation emerged but i find some issues that causes the situation.
Rotation Policy
One of the causes that i believe became the source for Milan's goal drought is the immense rotation that Carletto do upfront, he often changes the strikers from pairing Borrielo-Pato, fielding Dinho-Kaka-Bori, Sheva-Inzaghi and just switching all of them, offcourse it would take time for this kind of policy to bring such an effective impact on Milan, not only because most of the front players are new to each other but as many of you remember Milan did have an awful preseason, without managing to field any one of their strikers on the training camp!!!! It will certainly take time, not to mention the injury problem that is still hitting them until now, Borriello that is!!!
Tactical Flaws
This might be one of the bad habit of Ancelotti in his time at Milan, Carletto as many Milanisti might know, "loves" to make the same mistake more than once... He tends to trust his 4-3-2-1 formation too much and deny the chance to play two strikers especially meeting weaker opponents, this bad judgment has cause milan to drop points in the early phase of the season. However, I do believe that Ance.s porpuse in sticking with playing kaka and dinho together recently is cause by the fanct that Dinho is getting to his best shape, so he wants to play him as much as possible. So if I'm correct it wont be long before Ance will start playing a more reasonable line-up after Dinho is really-really fit.
The Pirlo Effect
Another aspect that i also believe have a part in Milan's striking problem lately is because they start to miss Andrea Pirlo. Though Pirlo have been out for two months and during those time, Milan is still winning, on the recent games it can be seen that Pirlo's loss is becoming something bad for them. From what i saw in some games, Milan tends to rush their passes when hitting a brick wall and often make the wrong decision in passing the ball. The team sometimes just lost the creativity in the midfield that Pirlo usually offers. But thankfully the Tinker Bell won't be out for long now as he has recover from his injury and might be set to take the field next weekend
They Shall Overcome
As a final comment, for Milan fans, i can assure you that there is nothing to worry about, the Milan front will find the net sometime soon, especially after all of the strikers are fit again. Not only that, the return of Pirlo would certainly makes Milan rediscover their creativity in attacking. I know in the early part of the season with Pirlo, Milan still fails to win but that was before they find their shape and mentality now with their form is nearly perfect, Pirlo's return would certainly bring more spark in Milan games...
Forza Milan

Milan Route to Be a Dream Team Again

After a disappointing season, the Italian giants looks set to start a new beginning this season as they have already prove it by taking the top spot in Serie A last weekend. Although they haven't really play with all of their potential, personally i believe that their just on their way to built a new edition of the Dream Team. Not just becauseof my background as i die hard Milanisti, the reason i said that Milan will be ruling Europe and Serie A is purely based on the facts that occurred, just as i said the team hasn't been performing magic or the kind of performance they should normally play with the quality that they had but the team still manage to earn lots of points. People may say that Milan gets lucky in some occasion, well it's true because you do need luck to win matches, but aside from it i think that the team have something more at the moment that gives them the edge, those things are spirit, psychical aspect and freshness.
After four years wandering the league without winning the scudetto, Milan finally decided that it is time for it, and although it's probably because they missed out on the Champions League this season, the Red and Black management did a great job in the transfer market, not only getting superstar like Ronaldinho, Zambrotta and also their lost boy Shevchenko, Milan also snatch important players like Flamini, Borriello and Antonini who give a huge contribution so far and will do more surely. The spirit that I'm referring can be seen from the way the team enjoy themselves on the pitch, how they celebrated their goals and the players that i mentioned above also helped the team to fight and chase every ball on the pitch, something that has been lacking from Milan in the past two seasons.

Physical aspect
Continuing the discussion above, the spirit that the players show on the pitch can be done because the Rossoneri this season is stronger psychically than past seasons, with more ammunition the coach can rotate the player easily without afraid of loosing any quality on the pitch, moreover players like flamini and borriello definitely gives a psychical presence that helped the team in most of occasion. The rotation also allows Milan to rest some of their stars like kaka, seedorf so they can be fit in an more important matches and not only that it also made Ancelotti, manages to switch strategy and tactics easily during matches

The third aspect is Freshness, my point about freshness here is the new players that Milan brought, give a new air to the team, especially on the age zone, honestly it surprised me when people still tag Milan as an old side this season, i mean despite that they still have 40 years old Paolo Maldini on the squad and also 30's such as Pippo, Sheva, Gattuso, Favalli, Emerson and Ambrosini (not to mention David Beckham's arrival on January) but do remember their squad this season is still younger then previous season and with more quality too, the likes of Borriello, Ronaldiho, Flamini, Antonini, Senderos are still under 30 and in a very productive age. Not to mention Milan also have Kaka, Pato, Pirlo that are also a fantastic under 30 players.

Although we would still have to wait until the end of the season to see whether Milan would fulfill their target, I am pretty sure it won't be long now before we see a true Milan, an exciting and beautiful team that plays extremely wonderfull football.