Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Serie A Players' Cars

Unlike the much more widely reported England footballers, Italian serie A players haven't had the super wide publication as those fellow sportsman in the Queen Elizabeth's country, especially when it comes to the personal luxury stuffs. Just like other players from outside of Italy, Serie A players also have a luxurious way of living which includes the possession of expensive cars to fill their garage and accompany their daily activities.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho Official Presentation Videos

Here are some videos of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho presentation as the new Ac Milan players, this event has just ended few hours ago:

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Match: Ac Milan Primavera v Genoa Primavera

An exciting match about start in a few hour as the Italian Primavera Supercopa match will kick off as the young Ac Milan side will face up against Genoa primavera team to decide the true best team in Italy last season. The match is being staged at Genoa's stadium probably because they were the Primavera league champion while Milan were the Primavera Copa winner.

The Luxury of Audi for Ac Milan Players

I've once wrote the fun and advantages that professional football players have when to join clubs that are sponsored by car companies, one of the teams are surely Italian giant, Ac Milan that have been in the ranks of Audi for some time now. Just as it was expected the coolest thing that Ill Rossoneri players get as part of their contract is the choice of riding the awesome Audi types that the club have in store.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Milan Number Plates For Die Hard Fans

One of the most exciting accessories that I personally like to have as a die hard Ac Milan fans is getting a Milan themed car number plates or licensed plates for my car. Just like many other people who like to have a personalized plates for their car, for a Milanisti surely getting a special Rossoneri themed car plate for my ride would bring total excitement and prestige among other fans.

Trofeo TIM 2010 Highlights

It's a bit old, however here are some of Ac Milan highlights from the latest Trofeo TIM tournament last Friday, which was one by Inter.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Choosing The Ac Milan Accessories That Suits You

Being a fan of prestigious soccer club such as Ac Milan, or any other major clubs always brings you the enthusiasm to show how much of supporters are you to other football maniacs. One of the best way of expressing the love for our favorite clubs aside from watching their games is by purchasing accessories of the team we support, in this case surely the Rossoneri.

Ac Milan Promising Future Talents: 'Part One'

Despite still being considered as an old squad by many people, Ac Milan actually preparing a serious future project that currently being outlook by many football viewers. For at least the past two seasons, the Rossoneri have been making serious signings in the youth squad by acquiring some very interesting youngsters and placed them into the Rossoneri's youth ranks.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Highlights Varese v Milan 2-0

Here's the highlights from Varese v Ac Milan game:
The home side shock the Rossoneri with two goals in the first half, Allegri's side played much better in the second half but fail to get the break through until the final whistle.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup 2010: The German's Wrong Approach Cost Them The Final

As many expert might already revealed regarding the result of the semifinal between Germany against Spain in this World Cup, I would still like to emphasize on the wrong approach they took instead of forcing the issue that it was just an anticlimax game for them. I could partly agree that the young Germans  have probably pass their peak performance after trashing England and Argentina, however I kinda see that they were just tactically swept by the Spanish last night.

The Cool Thing Of Having Football Plates For Die Hard Fans

Getting a football club number plate for football fans' cars have suddenly become an interesting option and a trendy thing for the soccer lovers to show their affection towards their favorite clubs. Especially with the fact that acquiring those kind of plates are not difficult this days with many car registrations companies providing the services on-line which means that you can purchase the item even from your computers at home.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Things Football Fans Do For The Sport

When your heart set on loving football, it's something common for some football fans to show their affection for the sport by designing their private belongings with football accessories. Some fans would buy any football related items for their bedroom, living room or cars, mostly the fans those things are connected with their favorite clubs, players or a football country.

Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 World Cup Quarter Final: What Would The Script Be?

The party is about to reach it's final parade, the heat is reaching it's peak as the 2010 World Cup finally gets into the dying stage with only 8 teams left to challenge the prestigious cup, which final will be contested on July 11. Looking at a rough view of the past round and the contestants on the quarter finals, I can say that the script hasn't really stepped out of the track as the teams that will take on each others are those having the more favor compared too their opponents.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Developing Football In The USA:The Importance Of University Soccer Team

It's always interesting in seeing the development of football or soccer outside of Europe and South America as this days there are many new interesting footballing countries that produce quality players and performances on the pitch. One of the country that has an exciting progress in the last decade is USA, after hosting the world cup in 1994, they work very hard to improve the quality of their players and league by making the Major League Soccer (MLS) a much more competitive competition. Aside from the professional level, the development of soccer in the states surely needs more fundamental which is creating a good youth system by promoting the sport in schools and university. Just like the NBA or NFL, the University surely is an important part to further enhance young players quality so they could be ready to play at the professional level.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Football Lifestyle: Cars As Players' Prestige and Identity

For quite sometime now cars have been a symbol of prestige for some people who can afford having luxury rides, and among those people, athletes, especially football players are pretty much on the list. Professional footballers especially those playing in top clubs and counted as an important players usually have more than enough wages to get classy and sporty cars that can show their pride and prestige off the field.

World Cup Preview: Prepare for A Tight Opener on the 2010 World Cup

The wait will end in just a few more hour and the football fans all over the world finally starts the special month of every for year as the 2010 world cup's kick off is coming in just a few hour. Excitement is surely on the cards as this world cup is being played for the first time in Africa soil, with many doubts looms regarding lots of things from facilities and most importantly security, however lets just skip that worries to the local authorities and try to enjoy the soccer feast that will be shown starting from tonight.

Football Facts: Advantages of Having Car Sponsorhip For Footbal Players

Football has been such a marketable sport that attracts many companies, agencies, products to be involved as sponsors for events and also football clubs. Among many products that sponsored clubs, one of that attracts me is cars sponsorship, just like what Audi did recently and also Opel back than. This kind of deal in my opinion is something that not only benefit the club, but also players as from what I know the players usually receive a new type from the cars factory that sponsored that club.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who Will Be Milan's World Class Signing? The Analyzes

Not so long ago Milan's president Silvio Berlusconi shouted an interesting statement to the media and fans saying that if there's an opportunity he won't mind spending some cash to buy a champion or world class player for the club. Lately, the statement has also been confirmed by Ill Rossoneri's director, Adriano Galliani, who was quoted saying that if there's a chance the team would purchase a world class player this season. Surely both of those statements create such a buzz in the media, as the press begin to link Milan with many top players that could be joining them this summer

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who Will Be Milan's Coach? Anylizing the Prospects

The rumors spreading this days are getting heavy on Ac Milan camp as the Italian giant are seriously listing candidates to replace Leonardo as the team's new coach. Names are being brought out by media as speculation grows more intense until the day the management confirmed who will be the new coach, up till now there have been few names that the media speculated from Marco Van Basten to Roberto Donadoni as the latest inclusion. Certainly the names being revealed the the media are probably not all true, as the club's management haven't actually revealed clear names about the ones who could change Leo next season.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Grazie Leo: San Siro To Say Goodbye For Another Milan Legend

Surely today is the start of an emotional adventure for every aspects of Ac Milan, staffs, players, and fans are entering what would be two days of a mixture of feeling as aside the joy for getting their minimum target of the season which is acquiring the Champions League spot, the bitterness of loosing another legend is also on the cards. This event happens after today, Milan coach Leonardo officially announced his retirement as the Italian giants coach and confirming that he will not be coaching the Rossoneri next season, surely this news has been predicted by many but in truth hearing the news officially brings a bit of bitterness  for most Milan fans including myself.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Football Related Acesories For Your Car

Having cars for sport lovers can be an opportunity to show off their love of the sport that they are interest in or the sports team that they have an affection, such as football clubs or football players. There are many ways to show the affection of football in your own ride, from the most expensive choices such as painting logo of your favorite clubs or players or maybe the a bit more cheaper pick which is getting yourself an exclusive car number plates with your team or player as the initial.

Ac Milan Latest Transfer Rumors - May 2010

This past few days, the rumor commode is running very fast in the AC Milan headquarters as reports from Italy claim that the Italian giants are very close in signing some new players, despite there haven't been any clear confirmation regarding Milan's next season's coach. Until today, the players that have been heavily linked and believed will soon arrive at Milannello are Rafael Toloi, Nicolas Otamendi and the latest the continuing raid for Dennis Aogo.

Football Lifestyle: Personal Car Plates As Football Players' Identity

Cars this days have been such an important ride and also a fashion icon for some people including for famous football players who see their cars as the perfect symbol of their lifestyle. As we know that in footballing countries such as England and Italy, football players have a very important status that in other nations are usually being called as celebrities status which pretty much made some of them having the privilege on riding fancy cars from the latest Audi, Porsche to Ferrari. As an addition for their expensive ride, many footballers this days completes their cars with lots of cool accessories from the interior that makes them comfortable inside also the exterior that would make their ride classier.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Future Player Profile: Pedro Leon

Milan fans that actively follows the club's progress would surely knows this name, Pedro Leon, Spanish young football player that has been heavily linked with the Italian giant this last few months. Although he hasn't been official confirmed but Milan fans could pretty much be positive  about this as the insider source believe that the transfer is already at the final stage with the negotiation is at an advanced stage that would see the Getafe midfielder sign for the Rossoneri next summer.

Running The Athlete's Diet For Your Daily Life: For Young Soccer (Football) Players

Diet is actually a healthy program that can be done by normal people in regular base in order to have a healthy body or better, an athletic body. Among lots of diet program, one of the coolest one that I would highly recommend for most of you active people is the Athlete's diet or you could call them the soccer players diet. This interesting insight is pretty much an accidental findings that I discovered as I was browsing news about my favorite soccer club Ac Milan and in an interview , the team's doctor and chef both share a great info about what athlete diet is.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Milan and Juve Transfer Talk- Who Will The Rossoneri Grab?

The latest reports from Italy suggested that Milan is currently having a serious discussion with Juventus in talking about some of their owned and co-owned players. Most of the rumors on the net revealed some of the names that is being “asked” by Milan are David Trezeguet, Paolo De Ceglie, Felipe Melo, Gigi Buffon, Amauri and the latest one is Domenico Criscito. Personally I believe not all of those players will be joining Milan, the fact is Galliani and co are probably asking for price and status whether they are available for transfers.

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