Paletta Enjoying Montella's Different Approach for Milan

Vincenzo Montella's ball possession setup is indeed something rather new for AC Milan players as many of them never really experience such ball dominant training session even in their previous teams. One of those players who are fascinated with the current approach is Rossoneri's defender, Gabriel Paletta, who admitted that although it's something different from what he normally do in preseason training session, but he is enjoying every minute of it. The Italian international he likes this type of approach that Montealla set for Milan as it's fun an enjoyable.

Moreover, the defender who got himself loaned out to Atalanta last season is now keen on staying and play for Rossoneri as he wants to repay the confidence his being given. Paletta stated that Milan have shown their faith in him, so not it's time to repay it by fighting hard and getting many playing times under Montella's reign. The defender is not certain of regular playing time, hinting at possible arrival of new player at the back, though so far everything remain's a rumor but even so it's very likely that the Red and Black squad will at least sign one center back this summer. 

Paletta himself is actually a pretty solid defender, but his not much of a ball playing center back who Montella is keen on having. However, there's always a chance for the former Parma player to improve his passing, since he is quite comfortable with the ball. Nevertheless, with the injury to Cristian Zapata, it's almost certain that Paletta will have a competition this season, notably since Alessio Romagnoli looked to be securing one spot at Milan's center back position.


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