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Milanello-Corner blog is trying to emerge as more than just a news related blog-site, that's why we are expanding our wings by providing several interesting sports related services which might be useful for us, readers and obviously potential clients. In the last few years, Internet has become one of the most important promotional marketing means for almost every type of industries including football (soccer) and sports in general.

With that current fact, Milanello-Corner is providing several services that would hopefully help many football related companies, businessman, clubs in promoting or introducing their stuffs world wide. Having world wide access and appealing readers along with experienced author, this blog promised to provide satisfactory services towards our clients.

Here are some of our services:

Blog-post Promo

We will help to promote your companies' new projects, press release with an excellent and exciting posting that would attract readers all over the world. Promoting your events via posting can get your message acknowledged across the globe, added with the insight writings plus vigorous social media promo, we guarantee nothing more than satisfaction for you.


Just as any sites, we also provide advertorial space for any companies, clients, who are interested in advertising with the site. By becoming our exclusive advertiser, not only you have an ad space in the blog, but we will also help every promotional stuffs that you're doing, including creating blog post, press release, mail promotion and also via social media. With a relatively low cost monthly budget, you can start promoting, selling your stuffs via our trustworthy blog-site.

Job Advertisement Promo

Due to our concern and interest in the footballing industries, we also offered job advertisement promo for any companies that are looking for employers in every possible field, from editorial position, coaching, journalist and all related working areas. We are more than willing to place you're job ads for at the very least a month long and once again with a relatively low cost budget, that won't be ripping you apart but still acquire quality candidates.

Other type of services can also be negotiated further more, especially for those interested in advertising with the company. For more info regarding the rates provided please contact the site's author, Dewa Nugraha:

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