Ac Milan v Chievo Players Rating

It might be a little late to review this match, but here is my version of Milan's player rating.
nb: my rate is around (5-9)
Abbiati (6,5): Not really troubled expect from one long range shot and some dead ball situation but he play a secure game that day
bonera (6): Not particularly a good game by Boner, as he did not help a lot in offense and wasn't convincing in defense as he really had to thanks Flamini for covering him most of the time (where is antonini???)
favalli (6,5): Favalli actually did pretty well on the game, but I'm not at all convinced by him as he almost make one or two horror mistake
Kaladze (6,5): Not a great game by Kala as he was caught in a few occasion by pellisier, but overall he play a save game for Milan
Jankulovski (8,5): My man of the match, the only Milan player that looked so lively on the pitch for the whole 90 minutes, his forward runs troubled the Chievo defense and if not for Sorrentino he could have score a hattrick on the game
Gattusso (8,5) : another MIlan player that play really well, Rhino battle really hard though he made some loss pass in some occasion but he made it up with a tough performance on the pitch
Flamini (7) : Eventhough he hasn't show his Arsenal form yet, especially at going forward, but Flamini play really well in the defense aspect, he press the chievo players to make lots of mistake and help Bonera a lot on the right side
Seedorf (6,5) : another so-so performance by the dutchman as once again he showed that he is not Andrea Pirlo, Seedorf looked so selfish in many occasion and made some awful pass when attacking
Kaka (7): Not his best game certainly, but he still has some magical moments, though he strangely looked exhausted in most part of the game
Ronaldinho (7,5) : He is getting back at his best, Ronnie showed once again that his condition is getting close to his past form, did some magic and very involve in the game, just lack a little bit sharpness
Inzaghi (5,5) : From his position and responsibility, i have to say pippo was the most disappointing player for Milan that day, he did not make a lot of contribution and barely had a sniff of the opponents goal
sub Pato (6) : Pato played a little bit better than Pippo, as he manage to create one of two chances and promising moves, unfortunately his immaturity is still shown on the game-


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