Analyzing Milan's Goal Drought

Milan's 1-0 victory against Chievo, last week is important indeed but it is also left lots of milanisti with huge disappointment as the team still fails to deliver the magical performance that the fans craving and has been expecting. The fans expect a hungry Milan that pour opponent's defense with lots of goals and honestly seeing Milan's roster it is not to much of an asking for. Unfortunately up till now, especially the past 3-4 games the Rossoneri cant seem to score more than 1 goal in a game though they had tons of chances on those matches.
This fact brings forward a new debate among the fans and press about Milan's forward, with a pack of world class attacker, the rossoneri seems difficult to brake the deadlock, many speculation emerged but i find some issues that causes the situation.
Rotation Policy
One of the causes that i believe became the source for Milan's goal drought is the immense rotation that Carletto do upfront, he often changes the strikers from pairing Borrielo-Pato, fielding Dinho-Kaka-Bori, Sheva-Inzaghi and just switching all of them, offcourse it would take time for this kind of policy to bring such an effective impact on Milan, not only because most of the front players are new to each other but as many of you remember Milan did have an awful preseason, without managing to field any one of their strikers on the training camp!!!! It will certainly take time, not to mention the injury problem that is still hitting them until now, Borriello that is!!!
Tactical Flaws
This might be one of the bad habit of Ancelotti in his time at Milan, Carletto as many Milanisti might know, "loves" to make the same mistake more than once... He tends to trust his 4-3-2-1 formation too much and deny the chance to play two strikers especially meeting weaker opponents, this bad judgment has cause milan to drop points in the early phase of the season. However, I do believe that Ance.s porpuse in sticking with playing kaka and dinho together recently is cause by the fanct that Dinho is getting to his best shape, so he wants to play him as much as possible. So if I'm correct it wont be long before Ance will start playing a more reasonable line-up after Dinho is really-really fit.
The Pirlo Effect
Another aspect that i also believe have a part in Milan's striking problem lately is because they start to miss Andrea Pirlo. Though Pirlo have been out for two months and during those time, Milan is still winning, on the recent games it can be seen that Pirlo's loss is becoming something bad for them. From what i saw in some games, Milan tends to rush their passes when hitting a brick wall and often make the wrong decision in passing the ball. The team sometimes just lost the creativity in the midfield that Pirlo usually offers. But thankfully the Tinker Bell won't be out for long now as he has recover from his injury and might be set to take the field next weekend
They Shall Overcome
As a final comment, for Milan fans, i can assure you that there is nothing to worry about, the Milan front will find the net sometime soon, especially after all of the strikers are fit again. Not only that, the return of Pirlo would certainly makes Milan rediscover their creativity in attacking. I know in the early part of the season with Pirlo, Milan still fails to win but that was before they find their shape and mentality now with their form is nearly perfect, Pirlo's return would certainly bring more spark in Milan games...
Forza Milan


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