Analyzing Milan's Resent Poor Result

Many fans maybe wondering, what happened to Milan in these past few weeks as they went front 1 point above Inter and suddenly ends up 6 point a drift in less than a month. Well my analyzes for the cause it's all about mentality, not that Milan doesn't have a strong character but obviously the team is having trouble in determining their focus and concentration in the title race.
If you guys realize, Milan's recent negative result emerged right after they take the Serie A table (after defeating Napoli), the next weekend they have to loose their top spot after only drawing against Lecce and from then on Milan's form started to decrease and reach its peak on last Sunday's game against Palermo, which ends their 11 match unbeaten record, after two horrible defeat at the start of serie A.
This fact shows that after more than 2 years absence in the title chase, it seems Milan players are still feeling the chill (just like a mediocre team that have just lead the table) as they began to feel the pressure and taking it as a burden rather than motivation. After leading the table for a week, the players looked so tense as they take on the field looking like they want to end the game as soon as possible. Another aspect that cause the Rossoneri's nervousness is the fact that in all the recent matches that they played, the team have to play after their rivals (specially Inter) played, it is definitely a mentally tough and difficult for the Rossoneri playing the away games knowing the facts that they could loose more ground if they can't win.
Those problems are the things that i considered as the main causes for the recent lack of form from Milan. The solution that the coaches and players should do, is to stay calm and react just like after they had their first two defeats in Serie A, which is playing to win each games without concerning the table as just yet, with the quality that Milan have, i do believe they can do it despite that the team do need a little more time to completely gel as they do have a terrible pre-season.
The winter break would definitely make things better for them, but just before doing it just like i wrote before, i do hope Milan will play for each games ant forget the table for a while, they've done it before why can't they do it again??
Forza Milan


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