Gilardino's Statement of Milan is Stupid

Milan is known as a club that always give fair chances and amazing treatment to their players, those things that makes them one of the destination for many top soccer players. Even until these days, many ex-players loves the club for all the magnificent treatment they have had. Unfortunately a few days ago the pride of Milan have been injured by one of their ex-player, Alberto Gilardino, who said that the years he had in Milan was the worse years. It is a truly painful and disrespectful words for Milan especially to the fans that has been supporting him throughout those years. Why i considered Gila's words was inappropriate? Simple, what he considered as the worse years wast not all Milan's fault but most of it was his!!!! The club has payed a lot of money to take him Parma, they hope a lot of him, the club has given all the chances in the world, but he waste a lot of them. It is very obvious that his poor mentality was the main key for all the problems he had in Milan, he just crumbled to the pressure and not prepared yet playing in a big club.
Not only that, i also think Gila's statement was stupid than anything because although he already scored quite a lot of goals this season, it is more of a personal achievement rather than his team's. In Milan despite failing to score regularly, he had the experience to win lots of trophies, playing in the Champions League and practicing in a fantastic environment with great players around him. It is an experience that he would probably won't be having in his current club for a long time!!!! Great players cherish and learn from each moments on their live, no matter how sweet or sour it is. For Me, Gila's recent statement is proves that he is still immature and he might not be heading nowhere with Fiorentina, with that stupid statement! Milan is a great club with fantastic players and environment, its a privilege to join the family, denying the fantastic conditions the Rossoneri has, Gila should really explain the meaning of his statement, especially to Milanisti. As he knows there are some fans that supported him throughout his tough years, and certainly his recent statement would shattered their heart. If he feel his feeling better on his new club, there is no need to say bad words to the club that has also given him a lot. My suggestion if he considered himself as a good player, he should Apologize!!!! but if he won't i can say that he is a disrespectful lad that doesn't need to be respected.


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