Milan Route to Be a Dream Team Again

After a disappointing season, the Italian giants looks set to start a new beginning this season as they have already prove it by taking the top spot in Serie A last weekend. Although they haven't really play with all of their potential, personally i believe that their just on their way to built a new edition of the Dream Team. Not just becauseof my background as i die hard Milanisti, the reason i said that Milan will be ruling Europe and Serie A is purely based on the facts that occurred, just as i said the team hasn't been performing magic or the kind of performance they should normally play with the quality that they had but the team still manage to earn lots of points. People may say that Milan gets lucky in some occasion, well it's true because you do need luck to win matches, but aside from it i think that the team have something more at the moment that gives them the edge, those things are spirit, psychical aspect and freshness.
After four years wandering the league without winning the scudetto, Milan finally decided that it is time for it, and although it's probably because they missed out on the Champions League this season, the Red and Black management did a great job in the transfer market, not only getting superstar like Ronaldinho, Zambrotta and also their lost boy Shevchenko, Milan also snatch important players like Flamini, Borriello and Antonini who give a huge contribution so far and will do more surely. The spirit that I'm referring can be seen from the way the team enjoy themselves on the pitch, how they celebrated their goals and the players that i mentioned above also helped the team to fight and chase every ball on the pitch, something that has been lacking from Milan in the past two seasons.

Physical aspect
Continuing the discussion above, the spirit that the players show on the pitch can be done because the Rossoneri this season is stronger psychically than past seasons, with more ammunition the coach can rotate the player easily without afraid of loosing any quality on the pitch, moreover players like flamini and borriello definitely gives a psychical presence that helped the team in most of occasion. The rotation also allows Milan to rest some of their stars like kaka, seedorf so they can be fit in an more important matches and not only that it also made Ancelotti, manages to switch strategy and tactics easily during matches

The third aspect is Freshness, my point about freshness here is the new players that Milan brought, give a new air to the team, especially on the age zone, honestly it surprised me when people still tag Milan as an old side this season, i mean despite that they still have 40 years old Paolo Maldini on the squad and also 30's such as Pippo, Sheva, Gattuso, Favalli, Emerson and Ambrosini (not to mention David Beckham's arrival on January) but do remember their squad this season is still younger then previous season and with more quality too, the likes of Borriello, Ronaldiho, Flamini, Antonini, Senderos are still under 30 and in a very productive age. Not to mention Milan also have Kaka, Pato, Pirlo that are also a fantastic under 30 players.

Although we would still have to wait until the end of the season to see whether Milan would fulfill their target, I am pretty sure it won't be long now before we see a true Milan, an exciting and beautiful team that plays extremely wonderfull football.


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