Highlights Video Catania v Milan 0-2

It might be a little late but still is great to see two amazing late goals from Klaas Jan Huntelaar against Catania, on Sunday night. It was an emotional win in the end for the Milan boys as after the final whistle everyone congratulate the Hunter for his two goals which were his first ever on a Milan shirt.

The most interesting thing is on both goals he collaborate with Pippo which in theory is a bit hard to digest as the two are supposed to be strikers with the same characteristic, however in terms of extraordinary situation the two somehow manage to combine well and Hunt finally gets his break. As for the second goal, it was obvious that the Dutch striker has finally find his confidence as he put in a class goal with a lovely chip that beats Andujar for the second time in just a minute after the first goal.

The big question is would this finally be the real turning point for Hunt's future in Milan? only time will tell, at the moment surely the striker would cherish his two goals and beliefs that he can do it. It is surely a good news for Milan as after Marco Borriello also starting to find his feet at Milan, now with Huntelaar also getting a morale boost, it would be good for the team as they would have strikers that they can really rely on each games, it would be hard off course for Leo but it is actually what Milan needed. Yes, the team could really use a rotation, by rotating the players Milan will have the energy level to play in tight schedule games more consistently, another option is there's could be a chance to even play Borri and Hunt together with the consideration to rest Pato sometimes, as the Brazilian striker never seems to be rested and always play to the full 90 under Leo.

Well there are many option for Milan with the supposedly resurrection of Huntelaar all choices is up to Leo but it is all looking good for Milan in the future.
Here is a nice clip of Goal Highlights from Catania v Milan: Enjoy

written by Dewa Nugraha


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