Bonera and Jankulovski to Join Team Soon

Just heard and exciting news from, stating that two currently injured Milan defenders Daniele Bonera and Marek Jankulovski are set to join the team as soon as possible. Both players that have been missing for sometime, reportedly have been doing well on their recovery program and it won't take a long time before the two can finally play again.

Regarding Bonera, who has been absent from the latter part of last season, the news revealed that he already managed to follow all the training session with the team. Which surely means that he will be at Leonardo's disposal as soon as possible, maybe even in the near serie A game against Sampdoria, Bonera will be filling the bench.

Meanwhile as for Janku, it might take a little bit longer as he is currently still undergoing a special program to recover his fitness after the removal of a plat on his left ankle. However, it is still a question mark about Janku's future in Milan as previous rumors stated that he will be traded with Spurs' young wing back, Gareth Bale, in the next January transfer market.

Nevertheless, the news is surely a pleasing one for Milan, especially with the fact that their defense has been questionable in recent games, the over dependent on Nesta and Silva's form is one problem that could be solved by Bonera's return. With the form of Kaladze that's keep on degrading, Bonera who is still considered one of Milan's young and promising defenders would help add depth for Milan's backline.
Now the question is not only when will Bonera is fit enough to play but also how will he ever get back to his best form on the Milan's shirt with his previous long injury? We shall see soon!

written by Dewa Nugraha


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