Huntelaar Refuses Van Basten Comparation

Many words are swerving on Milan's camp and media commenting Klaas Jan Huntelaar latest goals for the team against Catania, some people are finally suggesting that the Hunter could be compared with Milan's previous legend Marco Van Basten. However, understanding the legendary status of his senior, Huntelaar calmly denied the news about his being compare to Van Basten by stating that he is just a player that only scored two goals and not yet on the level of the legendary Milan bomber.

Speaking to the press, Huntelaar stated his few about people's comparing him to Van Basten, "Don't make comparisons between myself and Van Basten. He is part of the history of Milan, I just scored a nice goal," Huntelaar said. The Hunter also said that he loved the appreciation and support that his teammates gives him after scoring against Catania, stating, "The embrace from my team-mates was both exciting and beautiful.

However it remains a question as would the Hunter starts Milan's next game against Samdoria ahead of the also in-form Marco Borriello, the latter has been performing like his Genoa form and looks very strong. But if Leonardo wanted to keep a fresh line up before the deciding Champions League match against Zurich few days after the serie A game, than rotating the front players would be a good option as Milan's minuses in their current good form is a proper rotation that made their players easily gets tired.

written by Dewa Nugraha


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