What Milan Needs for Christmas

The Fun fearless Milan under the new Leonardo regime, has finally put a little break in their last two games, a draw against Zurich and a shocking defeat against Palermo has really stop the Rossonerri good runs in a few months. Seeing the team play, the new formation does make Milan improves a lot, they started to entertain the crowd but there's a hint of imbalance in the squad that makes them somehow vulnerable at times.

On their day, Milan can really trashed their opponents but at times they can have lots of troubles breaking dawn defenses or defending a counter attack. Those two effect can be seen from the latest two games, against Zurich they were unable to break down Zurich's park the bus kind of defending despite the Swiss team ends the game with 10 men. Than against Palermo who was playing a similar style of Milan, not only the rossoneri failed to put one goal on the opponents net, they we caught twice on the counter.

Off course there is a reasonable arguments for those two games, in the Zurich games some of the starters were unfit, against Palermo Milan also lost Thiago Silva who is a very important player in defense this season for Milan along with Nesta. Looking at these facts it is a bit obvious that Milan is suffering when they have a key player missing in their team. It really does drives the obvious conclusion that the team is still very lack of squad depth, sadly it happens in all departments bar goal keeper.

In defense, Milan is highly dependent on Nesta and Silva playing together as the two are really completed each other, technically and mentally. Nesta is great but surely at 33 and after a season of tireless injuries he doesn't really had his usual pace, that's when Silva manage to cope with. Meanwhile, Silva who is still inexperience and made small mistakes is usually cover up by Sandro. Now if one of the two is absent, Milan looked worrying in defense, none of Kaladze or Favalli is giving a save and comforting feeling to Milan's defense if one of them do plays. The fact that Bonera is injured again really rings the bell on the Milan's management, which despite of Galliani recent statement saying only Becks (David Beckham) and Adiyiah will arrive, still doesn't make any sense regarding the fact that Diavolo Rosso does in need of depth at CB.
Aside from the CB, the question about Leonardo's request for an attacking LB still remain a mystery as despite Antonini being giving a shot but still Milan could actually get some more proper man, there are some links on the market linking the 7 time UCL champions with, however the most possible and useful one in my personal opinion would be Gareth Bale,  Felipe Luis or maybe Domenico Criscito. Still they probably need to sell someone maybe Jankulovski or Kaladze would be the appropriate choice as it would free up the space in the first team squad.

In Midfield Before January, the midfield probably still in some scarce as Leo loves to play the same formation all the times with Ambrosini-Pirlo and Seedorf, not that anything wrong as the three on their day arguably will put any midfield under lots of stress, but the fact that all three's age is 30 plus kind of making Milan's centrocampista's form is such a roller-coaster as they can be amazing in 1-2 games but went bent on the next consecutive match. However with the arrival of Becks it should cover the team from January to June off course it should also be noted that Leo must make more use of Flamini and the young talented Davide Di Gennaro as if not having one man (Becks) to rotate with Pirlo and Seedorf would still be hard with their upcoming schedule in 2010. Flamini at the moment is only being considered to replace Ambro, but with a bit adjustment on his 4-3-3 formation, Leo can actually use Flam to rotate with Pirlo or even Seedorf.

In the Attacking Department Milan's attacking has improves a lot, but in the recent two games it is obvious at times that the squad could really use alternatives as too people that can really replace the front three of Ronaldinho-Borriello-Pato, tactically and technically. Maybe Borrie's post is a bit covered, although Leo still being criticized for not using Huntelaar more often than he probably should, however two wide forwards of Dinho and Pato are still uncovered, some said Adiyiah could help out, but it is still remain a question not to mention the fact that the young Ghanian will be representing his country in January at the African Cup, would mean Milan is still being left with depth problems too up front. Taking aside from Galliani's inconsistent words, it looks like the rumors on Milan eying Lazio's Goran Pandev might be the perfect solution for the Rossoneri, the Macedonian striker is known as a versatile forward that can play wide in any position as he got the skill and pace to do so. The problem about Pandev, probably only occurs on how match fit could be as Lazio never played him after the dispute he has with the Roman based club's owner.
But as I said, taking away the concern about his match fitness, personally Pandev would be a great solution for Milan, and even if Milan do take the rumored players like Krasic and Dzeko in the summer, that wouldn't really troubles Pandev as he is as I said a very versatile player and still only 26. Another rumor also linking Milan with the possibility of loaning Di Natale, that would also do good for the Rossoneri, but I don't really think that is a possible thing to do, plus if Milan can snatch Pandev, it would probably a better investment as he is also a perfect player for Leonardo's tactic.

With this facts, surely the decision is now at Milan's management as the fans are now beginning to have high hopes for the new era Milan under Leo especially with their current achievement. However if they don't really uses this Christmas time to write something for Santa, it would be very curious to see how would Milan do with those missing links and depth that the squad currently has. Anyway Happy Birthday Milan!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all the clubs staff, players, management team and surely fans!!!
Lets just see does Santa has something special for Milan fans in January!!!

posted and written by Dewa Nugraha


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