Milan and Juve Transfer Talk- Who Will The Rossoneri Grab?

The latest reports from Italy suggested that Milan is currently having a serious discussion with Juventus in talking about some of their owned and co-owned players. Most of the rumors on the net revealed some of the names that is being “asked” by Milan are David Trezeguet, Paolo De Ceglie, Felipe Melo, Gigi Buffon, Amauri and the latest one is Domenico Criscito. Personally I believe not all of those players will be joining Milan, the fact is Galliani and co are probably asking for price and status whether they are available for transfers.

Analyzing on all of the possibilities, I would probably said that there are 3 names that have big possibilities of joining Milan and pretty much only two that i kinda like, Criscito and De Ceglie, while the other name sadly could be Trezeguet. I think many Milan fans would pretty much protest the idea of having a 32 years old Trezeguet to play for Milan with the fact that not only he is veteran enough but he has pass his peak and often injured lately. Surely with the fact that The Rossoneri have an inconsistent performance from their current strikers, another “expired” striker won't be much of a help. On the other hand the other two names, Criscito and De Ceglie are two young talents that could be a great help for the team.

However, the remaining question would be does this deal actually happens? The truth surely lies under Milan and Juventus' management's eyes. Now once again the long wait for Milan fans will occurred this summer, with supposed to be a much more transfer cash available than last summer, Rossoneri will surely bring ammunition aside from the pretty much confirmed Yepes, could the two young Italian defenders will be one of them? We must wait maybe even until the end of August to answer that question.


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