Football Lifestyle: Personal Car Plates As Football Players' Identity

Cars this days have been such an important ride and also a fashion icon for some people including for famous football players who see their cars as the perfect symbol of their lifestyle. As we know that in footballing countries such as England and Italy, football players have a very important status that in other nations are usually being called as celebrities status which pretty much made some of them having the privilege on riding fancy cars from the latest Audi, Porsche to Ferrari. As an addition for their expensive ride, many footballers this days completes their cars with lots of cool accessories from the interior that makes them comfortable inside also the exterior that would make their ride classier.

Among many exterior design that are commonly use by footballers the one that has always been a trend is having a personal number plate for their cars. As many people may know that renown footballers often splash quite amount of extra cash to order their favorite car number plates, which can be varied from putting their own name initial, getting their favorite numbers or shirt number. 

Those are pretty much the kind of choices that footballers usually gets for their car numbers such as we can see from guys like Cristiano Ronaldo who really gets in love with his CR7 initial and put it on his car during his times at Old Trafford. Not only Cristiano, off course many footballers also does the same thing as having a personal car number would be an effort to show their identity on their ride.

written by Dewa Nugraha


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