Who Will Be Milan's Coach? Anylizing the Prospects

The rumors spreading this days are getting heavy on Ac Milan camp as the Italian giant are seriously listing candidates to replace Leonardo as the team's new coach. Names are being brought out by media as speculation grows more intense until the day the management confirmed who will be the new coach, up till now there have been few names that the media speculated from Marco Van Basten to Roberto Donadoni as the latest inclusion. Certainly the names being revealed the the media are probably not all true, as the club's management haven't actually revealed clear names about the ones who could change Leo next season.

Just trying to analyze which names that are closely linked and checking out their chances in being picked I would try to give some opinion about the possible candidates, aside from Marco Van Basten who publicly rejected the offer sometime ago which would tone down the list into  Fillipo Galli, Mauro Tassotti, Massimo Allegri, Giovanni Stroppa and Roberto Donadoni. Off course there could be new addition to the list as time goes, especially if Milan haven't announced the new coach as soon as possible, however until this moment those names looks to be the strongest candidates according to media and also hint from Milan's president Silvio Berlusconi.

Fillipo Galli: 
Having pretty all the basic requeirement to be come the next Milan coach as not just he was an ex Milan player, but also former Primavera coach for the club, Galli has been one of the strong candidate to coach the rossoneri especially after Berlusconi stated that the best possible person to coach the team next season is someone who have Milan background and involved with the squad's youth players. The fact that not only Galli has coached the junior team back then, at the moment he is still involved with the 7th team Champions League winner youth system as the former  defender is currently the director of Milan's youth system. All of that aspect puts him pretty much on a very good position as a candidate to be on the red and black squad's bench next season, especially the fact Milan will be bringing 4-5 youth players on the first team, surely it would take people who know them so those youngster can be integrated well with the senior players.

Mauro Tassotti: 
The former Milan's legendary right back is also a candidate to finally take the job as the official head coach of the squad just after he lead the team as temporary manager later this month on Milan's post season tour in USA and Canada. Having been on the team assisting Ancellotti for some years and also Leonardo last season surely put him as one of the candidates with strong position on the club's hierarchy as future coach. 
Not to mention the fact he already knew some of the players on the team and also had experience coaching the youth team before Galli, pretty much put Tassotti as a very experienced man in the Rossonerri bench. Not to mention Ronaldinho who seems to like the idea of Mauro replacing Leo,certainly gives  the former Italian international player  another plus point. However, it always puzzles me to find that Tassotti hasn't been given a chance last season to replace Ance or even 1-2 season before when the current Chelsea coach has already been criticized for being in the club too long. For me there must be some important reason of not choosing Tassotti at least as Ance's replacement rather than picking Leonardo who barely had any experience in coaching,  this is one of the thing that doubted me about the Milan's legend chances to coach the team next season.

Giovanni Stroppa:
Stroppa is an interesting candidate that I honestly could also make the short list, especially after the confirmation from Berlusconi and Galliani that Milan will be integrating 4-5 current youngsters into Milan's first team. As many Milan fans probably know that the current Rossoneri youth have become one of the best young team in Italy, not only in the primavera but also in all ages and the fact that Stroppa is the one that coached the Primavera could make him the person required to mix the young talents that are being set to enter the first team. 
The likes of Simone Verdi, Rodney Strasser, Michalengelo Albertazzi, Andrea De Vito and Oduamadi are pretty much the names that could be playing in the first team next season for Milan's first team, and all of them are the current hyped youngster on the Rossoneri's primavera that Stroppa currently coached.
Yup, as far as I know none of the candidates listed would know more about those young player beside Stroppa who has been working with them at least this season. The fact that the Primavera manage to win the coppa italia primavera and on the last eight of the league competition surely give prove that the coach has done lots of good things for the youngsters and would be the perfect one to guide the young talent that are being promoted. However, certainly not only he's not experienced enough, in terms of hierarchy Stroppa might not be on top of the list as he was never an important part on Milan's history as player.

Massimo Allegri
Well here is the name that has been raved about so much especially by Milan fans this days, the fact that the former coach of the season has already been sacked by Cagliari and known to be a smart also talented tactician makes many  Milanisti loved the idea of Allegri on the club's bench. In terms of he is not a Milan legend is pretty much the only minus point for him as Berlusconi reportedly isn't that keen knowing that he doesn't know Allegri too much. However, that problem could be true or false as Galliani previously already stated to the media that although the talented tactician is not listed as one of Milan's legend, Allegri is still considered family because he is a Milanista and that seems enough to be listed as one of the candidates for the club's future coach. 

Roberto Donadoni
He is the last name that being rumored by the media to be listed as one of the candidates for Milan's new tactician, especially after Gallinai reportedly saying to the press that the Italian giant's upcoming allenatore could be someone nobody ever think off. That statement immediately voiced the media to speculate that Donadoni a former Milan legend with pretty long CV as coach including taking the Italian national team on the latest European Cup in 2008. Surely the fact that he is a club legend, hasn't had any coaching job at the moment and has had coaching experience makes him a suitable candidate that could make the list as media always stated that Berlu has a special thing for his team's former great servant and Donadoni surely is one those that serve the club and give lots of bright moments on his days. However, the fact that he hasn't been a success lately in his coaching experience gives out minor  voices from many fans who are not convince in the former midfielder's  coaching ability.

I can't really say who is the perfect candidate as all of them do have their own plusses and minuses, tactically many fans seems to like Allegri more and put him on top of their wish list followed by Galli, Tassotti, Stroppa and Donadoni on the last of the row but all the decision is Berlusconi and also the management to take. They have their own methods, way of thinking and also deals that needs to be discussed that could turn out well or not. One thing for sure, if this is not resulted quickly more names would be coming and could make the fans get less excited with too many options and speculation, I do hope that the team will decide soon as I believe they have already listed their candidates and probably are are mulling over those names at the moment. The faster the new coach being confirmed, the clearer Milan's future will be, as the players will soon know who will be on the bench next season, who are the players that could come, could go and the formation likely to be applied.

written by Dewa Nugraha


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