Developing Football In The USA:The Importance Of University Soccer Team

It's always interesting in seeing the development of football or soccer outside of Europe and South America as this days there are many new interesting footballing countries that produce quality players and performances on the pitch. One of the country that has an exciting progress in the last decade is USA, after hosting the world cup in 1994, they work very hard to improve the quality of their players and league by making the Major League Soccer (MLS) a much more competitive competition. Aside from the professional level, the development of soccer in the states surely needs more fundamental which is creating a good youth system by promoting the sport in schools and university. Just like the NBA or NFL, the University surely is an important part to further enhance young players quality so they could be ready to play at the professional level.

Among many states and Universities in the US, one that produce such a consistency in my opinion is the Redlands Bulldog, which is the college soccer team from University of Redlands, a well known university located in California. The Bulldog have been winning the SCIAC championship for about 9 times and amazingly wins it 8 straight times from 2001-2008, resulting in providing talents such as Ross Schunk and Adam Acosta to play in MLS. Seeing their achievement, although it probably hasn't effect a lot in terms in producing players for the U.S. National team, but surely it is a very good example in terms of youth development as introducing this sport to students and keeping them competitive to play soccer will help the progress of the the sport in the country.

Surely what Redlands University has done in providing such a competitive surrounding for their students that have the passion in soccer is a positive thing as it give those boys a space to enjoy themselves, playing the sport that they love and maybe even following their dream of becoming pro soccer players. This kind of effort is the thing that helps the USA improve so much as a footballing country in recent years, as they started to discover young people that have the passion in playing this sport. Having more young kids that are passionate for soccer, would constantly bring more quality players in the future, not to mention that the University of Redlands is just one of the universities or schools that provide the chance and opportunity for their students who loves the sport to play it in a competitive fashion. Well, that's pretty much a bit of example that I can provide on how football (Soccer) can develop in a country that have Baseball, Basketball, and American Football as their main sports, and even with that fact, USA's future in soccer looks bright indeed.


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