Football Facts: Advantages of Having Car Sponsorhip For Footbal Players

Football has been such a marketable sport that attracts many companies, agencies, products to be involved as sponsors for events and also football clubs. Among many products that sponsored clubs, one of that attracts me is cars sponsorship, just like what Audi did recently and also Opel back than. This kind of deal in my opinion is something that not only benefit the club, but also players as from what I know the players usually receive a new type from the cars factory that sponsored that club.

Just like what you can see on how Audi does their sponsorship deal with major Football clubs such as Bayern Muenchen, Ac Milan, Real Madrid and also FC. Barcelona, all of the players from the club exclusively gets a new car from the prestigious car manufacturer. Not only getting a new type of car, off course the players get other exclusive accessories that being provided by Audi such as the interior part of the cars and also special exterior stuffs such as a special private number plates that has their name or initial on it.

Although mostly the players would only get that name plates placed in front of their car, there's always a possibility that Audi work out or at least crafted a special car plates to be put into the footballers' vehicles. Certainly having this kind of sponsorship is really fun for players especially foreign players as they won't need to have a hard time buying and searching for a new car as they are in a new country and would be easier to just get everything set up including transportation vehicles. Getting this sponsorship, in my opinion is something that bring lots of benefit that can be felt directly towards the players and not just being felt the club in general, it pretty much lift up the prestige of all the parties involved on the sponsorship deal.

written by Dewa Nugraha


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