Football Lifestyle: Cars As Players' Prestige and Identity

For quite sometime now cars have been a symbol of prestige for some people who can afford having luxury rides, and among those people, athletes, especially football players are pretty much on the list. Professional footballers especially those playing in top clubs and counted as an important players usually have more than enough wages to get classy and sporty cars that can show their pride and prestige off the field.

Certainly the top football players this days are very update with the latest trends in the automotive industry, aside from those who gets sponsored cars to use, most soccer super stars would pretty much buy the latest luxury, or sport car depends on their needs. Some of them, especially those that played in EPL normally also buys cars not only for themselves but also for their fiance, wifes or family member, not that it's wrong but most of the time the type of cars that not being personally used by the players are different from the ones they bought as gift

As for the players' personal ride, the surely adds up lots of exciting accessories to brighten up the interior and exterior of their vehicles, from entertainment sets, high quality leather for the seats, all the latest electronic gadgets into the latest rim, tires, and surely last but not least their very own personal number plates are the most common thing you'll see on their cars. All of those modification are surely being done to enhance the prestige of their personality, showing their true character to the people around them, there are some that goes all out with the tune while there are others that like to keep in plain. All that I can pretty much say that car keeps it position not only as the vehicle to take those super stars anywhere, but also part of their effort in showing what they have earned and worked for, just like many man or people whose not a football stars

written by Dewa Nugraha


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