Who Will Be Milan's World Class Signing? The Analyzes

Not so long ago Milan's president Silvio Berlusconi shouted an interesting statement to the media and fans saying that if there's an opportunity he won't mind spending some cash to buy a champion or world class player for the club. Lately, the statement has also been confirmed by Ill Rossoneri's director, Adriano Galliani, who was quoted saying that if there's a chance the team would purchase a world class player this season. Surely both of those statements create such a buzz in the media, as the press begin to link Milan with many top players that could be joining them this summer

Among many super stars, there are some players that have the chance to come and help Milan out as they could be sold by their club, here are some of the list that the media have already raved and I truly believe do have the possibility of joining the rossoneri. Here are the short analyzes of players that could be the champion, both Galliani and Berlusconi meant:

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Ibra's name has been linked again to Milan as the press speculated that the Swedish striker's future at Barcelona would be bleak with David Villa's arrival, not to mention the media insisted that Ibra flops badly although he actually had a pretty good season. Those are pretty much the reasons the speculation emerged, as with the addition of Villa, not to mention Pedro and Bojan are still on the squad, the former Inter striker's playing time would be limited. However, there is a big hurdle in the process for the transfer as Ibra has a high wage demand and also transfer fee that Milan couldn't afford.
  • Robinho: The Brazilian gets into the short list mainly by the rumors spreads on the media suggesting, mainly because the fact Robinho is having a fall out with his original club Manchester City. As many knew the former Real Madrid player has been loan out to his old club in Brazil, Santos, last January and he might still refuse to play for the rich club next season. Despite all of the link, for the moment the player's agent still denies any contact made by Milan for Robinho, the problem of signing the striker for Milan pretty much the same as Ibra, his wage would be a bit high for the Rossoneri.
  • Emmanuel Adebayor: The Togo striker is again being linked with a move to Milan, as he always been someone that Milan's management are very keen off, having an Okay season and the fact that City still after new strikers for next season, somehow opens up the speculation about the former Arsenal hitman's future. Still with the high price tag and wage would be to troubling factor for him to come although I kinda think Ade still has a big chance.
  • Edin Dzeko: The Bosnian striker can probably be mentioned as a future class player as he has all of the potential to become a great player. The current Wolfsburg striker has already brought a league title under his name and also being liked by Milan staffs and management, last season the rossoneri were keen on signing him but the 23 years old's club refuse to sell him. Later on he has a 40 million clause that just ended, which kinda gives a tricky condition regarding his future as he could move on but he could stay longer because Wolfsburg could pretty much reject any offer for the striker.
  • Luis Fabiano: The Brazilian number 1 striker is being linked again to Milan as he still wishes to move away from his current club Sevilla next summer. Reports claim that Galliani has started negotiating again with the 29 years-old's agent as an attempt to get his signature for next summer, in terms of possibility Fabiano has a good chance, however the fact that Milan won't want to pay the ammount that Sevilla wanted last season could still be the problem not to mention his age that many fans doesn't think as a good investment for the club.
Those names are pretty much the strong candidates for the likely world class players that Milan could or would be signing next summer, some new names could appear soon but until this date those names are pretty much the candidates that have been raved and talk about by media and fans. Not only that, they all have the possibilities to sign with the team as  the management do have thing for those players above, that fact already brought them the consideration as the players that could be Milan's new world class signing next summer.

written by Dewa Nugraha


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