World Cup Preview: Prepare for A Tight Opener on the 2010 World Cup

The wait will end in just a few more hour and the football fans all over the world finally starts the special month of every for year as the 2010 world cup's kick off is coming in just a few hour. Excitement is surely on the cards as this world cup is being played for the first time in Africa soil, with many doubts looms regarding lots of things from facilities and most importantly security, however lets just skip that worries to the local authorities and try to enjoy the soccer feast that will be shown starting from tonight.
Everyone one said that the first game is always important, although I don't really find it that crucial still is it will be the stepping stone for teams in the tournament to reevaluate their goals and chances. That's why although it won't entirely jeopardize their chances in the tournament surely no team would want to have a bad start on their campaign. Looking at today's upcoming game in group A, consisting of France, South Africa, Uruguay and Mexico, I think that we would see tight games and probably draws.

South Africa v Mexico 
Playing in home soil, the Bafana bafana might as well be touted as a strong candidate to qualify from this group simply because the undoubted facts that the tournament host most likely go far in the event. However I have a very mix feeling about South Africa's chance in this tournament especially for the first game against Mexico. Technically speaking, from what I've seen, Mexico have the capabilities to snatch a victory over the host nation as the Sombreros got all the talent to trouble South Africa.
Although to be honest, I haven't seen Carlos Alberto Pareira's squad performance lately but seeing from Mexico's potential they have a chance although I do sense that if the Bafana bafana can play solid and maximize opportunities from set pieces, they will have a great chance in getting three points. From what I have seen, Javier Agguire's team have a weak spot in finishing and defending dead ball situation, if they still can't work it out, it will definitely be their down side not only in this game but also in the tournament.
Overall I'm predicting a very tight game today, the odds would pretty much go on for the draw or a slight margin victory for either side. Yeah, I'm not that good in predicting lately that's why I can't really take side in one of Mexico or South Africa as overall they do have an equal chance in this game.

France v Uruguay

Looking at the squad rosters, many would pretty much favor France would take an easy victory today, but seeing the latest conditions this game got draw written all over it. Both team haven't impress me lately, Les Blues haven't been playing a great football for quite sometime now and the combination of individual quality  plus luck are what brings them to South Africa this month. The controversial win against Ireland, the coach that has been questioned many times, the awful condition at the training camp are also the minuses that I think could trouble French this year.
Not to mention the fact that Domenech will be replaced after this event no matter what the result is could give a very low motivation from the coach and probably the whole squad, off course it will depend on the result that they get in this group stage, that's why a positive result in this first game is essential for the blue prince. However, can they do it? as I said earlier Uruguay hasn't really impress me a lot, but individually they have the talent to beat France today. My main concern over Oscar Washington Tabarez' squad is more on the non technical thing as they don't have a solid and good mentality. The two time world champion often easily frustrated when they went on missing good chances early or when the pressure is high, they can be very inconsistent even in 90 minutes which often resulting in bad results even though they start out the game well.
Surely if they can fix things out and try to do the opposite, which is trying to frustrate their opponent rather than the opposite, I think they can have a good chance in beating Domenech's side today. Off course, if they can play calmer than France because the pressure is pretty much on les blues rather than on their side, so what can you see on this game? I think it would be another tight one, although I kinda slightly favor Uruguay on a note that they can loosen up and concentrating in frustrating France. However, anything can happen in football, France do have a chance, especially if they can score first and dictate the game after that, it's truly a very-very tight scenes in this two early games and I do hope it would still be entertaining.
Have fun guys, enjoy the soccer fiesta and more in depth view from me during the World Cup!

written by Dewa Nugraha


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