World Cup 2010: The German's Wrong Approach Cost Them The Final

As many expert might already revealed regarding the result of the semifinal between Germany against Spain in this World Cup, I would still like to emphasize on the wrong approach they took instead of forcing the issue that it was just an anticlimax game for them. I could partly agree that the young Germans  have probably pass their peak performance after trashing England and Argentina, however I kinda see that they were just tactically swept by the Spanish last night.

The absence of Thomas Muller, certainly isn't helping their way, but I still believe they could have minimize the mistakes and pressure from the Spanish. On several occasions it was like the Iberian team that have the stronger physical states than the Germans, Xavi and co manage to make the 3 times world champions struggle while trying to set up their counter attack, which in theory shouldn't happen to a quality counter attacking team.

A team that poised to play the waiting game and hit their opponents should be more effective in using their moments and forced the attacking minded team to make mistakes instead of the opposite. However, that's what exactly happened with the Germans last night, after they manage to stop an attack they often loose the ball easily and need time to reshape their counter attacking plan due to the high pressure from the Spanish. This kind of display  finally puts them in an enormous pressure the longer the time goes, as they fail to constantly worrying Puyol and co at the back.

There were only in a few occasions that the Germans manage to set up a swift counter attack that trouble the Euro 2008 winner, surely if they can do that more often I am convinced  that Klose would get his 15th goal in his World Cup career. Unfortunately, we all know the whole story wasn't made to be for Joachim Loew's side, although they only concede a goal from a dead ball situation, still it would not happen should they  constantly threaten Spain's back line.

Giving constant thread and pressure for the Spanish is certainly not an easy thing to do, but I know the Germans actually has the quality to do that if they just take the right strategy  last night. To give pressure against the Vicente Del Bosque side, a team should put up a higher pressure up the field rather than playing too deep in their own half. The best example would be how Chile plays in the first 20 minutes against the Spaniard at their group stage, on that game  the Latin team manage to unsettle the Spanish before they were unfortunately concede a silly goal that ruin their whole team plan.

That kind of shape is what the Germans should've done rather than opting the cautious approach, soaking up pressure and countering the Spanish which surely have been a tactic learned over and over by Del Bosque''s man as most of the team they encountered in the tournament plays that kind of approach. Now everything's just too late for Joachim Loew's man as they have to endure another disappointing defeat from the team that beat them two years ago in the Euro final.


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