The Luxury of Audi for Ac Milan Players

I've once wrote the fun and advantages that professional football players have when to join clubs that are sponsored by car companies, one of the teams are surely Italian giant, Ac Milan that have been in the ranks of Audi for some time now. Just as it was expected the coolest thing that Ill Rossoneri players get as part of their contract is the choice of riding the awesome Audi types that the club have in store.

Another additional information that I can gather not so long ago is the fact that Milan give the luxury of living for their players by providing 3-5 exclusive Audi cars to choose as their personal ride that will take them from their living area to the training ground and anywhere in Italy. In short, the club really takes care of the players needs including what they will be riding on their daily activities, from the types of Audi that you can get and, even the car registrations thing are pretty much taken care of.

This kind of treatment really brings lots of joy and benefit for the players as all they really need to focus while being contracted as a Milan player is just to practice and play well. Moreover, for foreign players having the luxury of getting a personal ride being set up by their club surely makes them felt comfortable despite being away from their home land.

written by Dewa Nugraha


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