Match: Ac Milan Primavera v Genoa Primavera

An exciting match about start in a few hour as the Italian Primavera Supercopa match will kick off as the young Ac Milan side will face up against Genoa primavera team to decide the true best team in Italy last season. The match is being staged at Genoa's stadium probably because they were the Primavera league champion while Milan were the Primavera Copa winner.

I won't be sharing a lot info regarding Genoa's recent squad as I don't really know much updates regarding them, however I'll share you guys some of the exciting news about Milan's primavera team. For some Milan fans that have been watching the team's latest pre-season match must be familiar with some youngsters such as Simone Verdi, Alexander Merkel, Giacomo Berretta and Mitja Novinic . Just for an addition this season the Diavolo Rosso have already made serious investment for the youth team adding some of the most talented u-19 players such as the exciting registra, Marco Ezio Fossati, Adria Carmona, etc.

If you want to take a look at the match just check out this stream channel and enjoy an exciting entertainment from talented young kids, for some Milan fans surely they would be excited to watch Merkel, Verdi and also Fossati who is being labeled as one of the most exciting young Italian midfielder around. So check this game out all Milanisti.

written by Dewa Nugraha


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