The Serie A Players' Cars

Unlike the much more widely reported England footballers, Italian serie A players haven't had the super wide publication as those fellow sportsman in the Queen Elizabeth's country, especially when it comes to the personal luxury stuffs. Just like other players from outside of Italy, Serie A players also have a luxurious way of living which includes the possession of expensive cars to fill their garage and accompany their daily activities.

Among many types of cars available, it looks like Ferrari and Audi are the ones mostly used by Italian players this days, from Francesco Totti, Sebastian Frey, Ac Milan stars and Mario Balotelli all rides one of those two sporty rides. The Ferarri is being favor by Totti and Frey, while Balotelli along with all Ac Milan players from Alessandro Nesta, Alexandre Pato to the newest arrival Zlatan Ibrahimovic rides with the latest types of Audi.

Not different from those who have a passion for automotive, most footballers also completed their cars with the best interior plus exterior to make it much more comfortable and stylish to drive in. Some of the accessories that were usually added by those footballers are the latest audio, dvd, seats, tuning the cars body paint, adding the best rims and also getting a cool personal number plates.


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