Ac Milan Building An Italian Core

When some fans are busy arguing which super stars that they're looking forward to see at Ac Milan, the Ganso mania, the Fabregas, and everything. Personally, I'm more excited with the arrival of Stephan El Shaarawy along with the return of Alberto Paloschi, who both will be joined with Marco Fossati, Simone Calvano, Mattia Valoti and Mattia De Sciglio in the pre-season training that starts on July 12. Those players are the youngsters that I really hope can start showing their talents to Masimiliano Allegri  and forced some good playing time in the upcoming season.

Not that I'm being delusional, bias or Italian minded, I have no problem with superstars signing, foreign players arrival but for someone that watched Milan from the early 90s it's a bit weird seeing how proud the Rossoneri with their continuous Italian core bragging over their city rival, who were much known for their international influences, suddenly become not much different from Ill Nerazzurri. Reading news about the arrival of two or three more Brazilian stars does makes thing sounds odd, like it or not, Milan is an Italian team, they must be able to show it in international tournament, despite the global invasion of today's world.

Once again it's not about being anti Brazilian or something, but imagine if Milan played in the Fifa Club World Cup against a Brazilian side and the Italians have almost as much Brazil players that their counterparts in their starting eleven, would definitely be an odd scene indeed. The kind of situation that couple years ago make Inter being 'joked' around in Italy because the lack of national based players on their squad, during the Nerazzurri's Champions League campaign. Something that even Massimo Moratti starts to change lately, with their ambitious primavera purchases in the last few seasons, so why should Adriano Galliani and co attempting the opposite?

As much as the fans out there craving the media's speculation, I can assure you that Milan have a future plan of building a pretty solid Italian core in the team especially with Stephan El Shaarawy's signing, who is currently dubbed as one of the most talented youngsters in the nation. El Shaarawy's arrival didn't surprise me at all, since last year, when the rumor broke out about the Rossoneri's interest on the 18-years-old trequartista, I already had a feeling that the management will bring him if things are possible. Now, in a temporarily joint co-ownership with the player's parent club, Genoa, 'The Pharaoh' arrives following the footsteps of his fellow under 17 teammates, Marco Ezio Fossati, who already arrived at Milanello earlier.

The arrivals of Fossati, El Shaarawy is pretty much the result of FIFA u17 World Cup in 2009, in which aside from those two players, there are also the likes of Giacomo Beretta and  Spanish winger, Adria Carmonoa, at Milan's youth rank. Albeit the development of those players are varied, with Shaarawy currently matured a bit faster, there's no doubt that those talents especially the Italians are being set as a gamble for the Rossoneri that could paid off should things goes in the right direction.

Beside the World Cup u17 alumni, the likes of Simone Calvano, Mattia Valoti, and other names are being signed after the players impressed the Milan's youth team management, that was still managed by Giovani Stroppa  last season. Although there are also plenty other foreign youngsters at the Rossoneri ranks, the serious search of Italian talents, is a pretty bright sign that Silvio Berlusconi owned side won't be neglecting the importance of local identity, that could become a much more important factor in Europe in the upcoming years as the current UEFA president, Michel Platini is a very big supporter of that idea.

So, with their current movement, the Milan fans won't have to worry about the disappearing of the Rossoneri's Italian core recently, as they are definitely trying to maintain it in every way they can. Personally I also believe that they will be trying to add some more local talents in the summer window and not just trying out for the majority fans hyped stars, who could have the same risk of flopping as any normal signings at Milan.

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written by Dewa Nugraha


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