Alessandro Nesta Waves Milan Goodbye

 Another sad day arrives for Italian football, as one of the best player from the country, Alessandro Nesta has announced his departure from Ac Milan, taking his feet completely out of Serie A. The 36-years-old pretty much confirmed what the papers have been buzzing for the last couple of days, which is deciding to leave the club that he played with for this last 10 years.

Speaking at the press conference held in Milan, Nesta revealed that with his age it would be difficult for him to play in the highest football level such as Italian Serie A or Champions League again. The former Lazio player also stated that he already made his decision since February and despite there's already an attempt from Ill Rossoneri to keep him for at least another year, the center back refused to change his decision.

"This is my last season at Milan, I’m leaving. When the season finishes, I think of the next one and the pace of the games doesn’t allow to play all the time and since I’m not able to sit on the bench, I’ve made this decision after 10 years where I‘ve always been happy, I’ve met great people and I’ve won so much. I always want to be important when playing. If I can’t play all the time, I don’t feel good and it’s the right decision to leave. I decided around February that this would be the last season, I spoke with the club and it’s all fine,” Nesta said
The former Italian international also hinted the possibility of continuing football in a lower level, possibly heading to Major League Soccer, just like previous rumors are suggesting. Nesta himself however, still refuse to confirm any details about his future, stating that at the moment he hasn't made any deal, although it's pretty much certain that he won't be playing in Italy again next season. Arriving at Milanello from Lazio around 10 years ago, Nesta has also turned himself into one of Milan's legend and fans favorite, the same stature he received while playing for Biancobelesti. Spending most of his Rossoneri years under Carlo Ancelotti's guidance, it's without a doubt that Sandro simply believed that Ancelotti was the most important tactician for him. Winning plenty titles already with the Red and Black squad, with the Italian Super Cup as his last achievement, the 36-years-old's departure is definitely being mourn by Milanisti all over the world.
I want to go and try a different experience where I can still do something good. I’ve been coming to training at Milanello for 10 years. I want to thank everyone for all these years and I’ll miss everyone. The players that I’ve played with for so many years, those that I’m most attached to, I’ll miss them in footballing terms. Ancelotti was the most important coach of my career, for what we won and how we won," Nesta added
In the end, there's nothing left for Milanisti than to say, Arrivederci for one of their great servant in this decade, a special player who stayed in the fans' heart for many years to come. His decision to leave isn't the most popular as many believes he can still contribute at least another season, but it's probably for the best, as it's already time for Milan to continue their new path, rebuilding the team with newer blood, hoping to continue past success made by legends such as Alessandro Nesta.


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