Milanello Special : More Ball Training for Milan Players this Summer

Ac Milan coaching staffs kept their words in changing this season training methods as they believe several programs last season played a part in boosting their players' ridiculous injury situation. 

Although the usual physical training is still being given but apparently this time, Milan are putting more with the ball drills for their players, which can be seen in several latest training videos posted on the internet.

From those videos above, it can be seen that Milan players are being given plenty variations of with the ball training drills, from juggling, simple three men passing scheme into the more intriguing two touch ball possession setup. Aside from attempting to reduce the early muscle fatigues from intensive physical training, exercising more with the ball looks to be an attempt from boss, Massimiliano Allegri, in fulfilling owner, Silvio Berlusconi's request of a much fluid passing style for the Rossoneri this upcoming season.

It's been no secret that Berlusconi is asking for Milan to play similarly with Barcelona as the Catalan's playing style is very much admired by the former Italian prime minister. Obviously it won't be easy for Allegri in copying that scheme within the Rossoneri, especially with different players characteristic that his side possessed, but regular new ball drills might paves things into the right direction, especially when more technical young talents being given some chances this summer.

It would be interesting to see how consistent would the new drills being programmed and would it be really applicable on the pitch? moreover, could the current program eventually toned down the Diavolo Rosso's injury spree? All those questions will have their answer soon when Milan's pre-season program heads into match training which should put more physical pressure for the players as real games would provide more intensive situation before and after for the Rossoneri.


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