Milanello Special : Will European Night be Milan's Turning Point?

A moment of uncertainties creeping down into the head of Ac Milan players as they walked off from San Siro pitch minutes after suffering another disappointing home defeat in Serie A. 

The 1-0 loss against Atalanta also marked their worse league start in after 80 years, not in terms of points gained, but much more because of picking up two home defeats already in such an early start.

This result arguably puts tons of pressure on coach Massimiliano Allegri along with his boys ahead of their midweek European tie against Anderlecth, as they must end the current bad run at San Siro. Allegri himself remain confident over his team's chances in beating the Belgium champions, despite admitting that his side will still be missing their best players such as, Riccardo Montolivo, Robinho and Alexandre Pato.

"Let's not be victims here, now the important thing is to win the first Champions League match," the tactician explained. "The Champions League is tougher and we face a side that has plenty of European tradition. We have to be patient because sooner or later we will create chances. I am very hopeful because I think the team are ready to face an important game like the one."

Although many football enthusiast understand that with the major overhaul Milan made in the summer, more time is needed to make things eventually ticking again , but still it doesn't stop some critics arriving for Allegri. Many believes that the coach have been unable to immediately figure out his current squad's potential and doesn't seem eager to change his basic formation.

However, in such a short time it's rather difficult to make drastic measures, although one thing that Allegri must immediately do is build a working system for his team, which looked rather lost at times. In someway, the former Cagliari tactician tend to be rather inconsistent as his reluctant to tried out new ideas due to Rossoneri's tight schedule, but he continuously experimenting on player's positions and roles.

Considering the hectic schedule, just as his decision in sticking with his basic ideas, it would be much wiser to have a fix role for some of his players as well and focus a bit more on their mental aspect. In Milan's previous three matches, there's an indication that some of the players are not playing with their true potential. Lack of adaptation can obviously be considered as one of the reasons, but there's also an idea about Allegri's lack of man management in pushing them even more.

It's not a secret that the tactician doesn't have Carlo Ancelotti's man to man approach as Allegri himself admitted of his preference in taking much more professional relationship with his boys. However, during this tough situation, with many new arrivals and departures going on, it's much advisable that he can create a stronger bond with his players, especially those young ones who could really use much comforting words to calm them down during games.

This Tuesday another test already arrived for Allegri and his men, without much possibilities to change things around after Saturday's disappointment, it's his man management skill that could help him getting through this potential black hole ahead. Another home defeat, especially in the Champions League, could really end the 45-year-old careed at Milanello, as the club's owner, Silvio Berlusconi, might not be able to tolerate one more disappointment coming from his side.

On paper, Milan are still favorite to win but their current unconvincing performances simply give more beliefs for Anderlecth to attack the Italian giant. So, if the Rossoneri really want to get their act back on Tuesday, non-technical factors should be the main area that they addressed as once that mental block can be swept away, the talents will eventually shown on the pitch.

This current crap of Rossoneri players are not as bad as some experts stating, but with the absence of several key players, the first eleven does look weaker. However, this young team have tons of potential who could easily be a surprising force should they play to their full potential. Of course it's also essential to work them together in the right playing system, but helping them to build that self beliefs would need an extra care, something that seems to be mixing currently in Milanello.

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