Analyzing AC Milan's Transfer Target for 2016/2017 Season

Rumors regarding AC Milan's potential transfer targets for this summer continue to drag on with media adding up more names as days gone by. However, fans must understand that not all of the names being mentioned in the media are true since aside from random rumors, this naming might also be an attempt done by agents or people related in the transfer market to push players' price or pedigree so they can attract more suitors. Nevertheless, let's try to analyze the potential truth or credibility about the available rumors and grade it by numbers from 1-10:

Mateo Mussachio (Villarreal) credibility grade (9):
Reasoning: Mussachio is known as a long time target for new Rossoneri coach, Vincenzo Montella and not only that, Milan themselves have also liked the player for quite a while now. The 25-year-old possessed a very good ball playing ability which pretty much suits Montella's football style that requires defenders to help starts the team's build up play. Rumors about Milan's approaching him could very well be true, though the situation of current negotiation process remain mysterious for now. Aside from news about things can be settled after the club's preliminary along with players sale, there's also that simple possibility of Villarreal taking their time in reviewing the offer Milan made.

Marco Pjaca (Dynamo Zagreb) credibility grade (7.5-8)
Reasoning: Despite latest rumors claiming that he will instead go to Juventus, but rumors about Milan's interest in Pjaca might also be close to true since the strong relationship between his agent with Adriano Galliani. However, once again the status of offers and everything else remain mysterious up till now and even confirmation about where the player might end remains a question up till now. There are still many possibilities that can happen regarding this deal, though I might not find any space to describe it all, but his transfer is far from being concluded up till now.

Jose Sosa (Besiktas) credibility grade (7-7.5)
Reasoning: Although his not particularly young anymore and pretty much considered not too successful in Serie A during his time at Napoli, but Sosa might be one those odd players who Montella personally keen off. In Fiorentina he did uses the likes of Joaquin, David Pizzarro and other veteran names, who did considerably well during his tenure. There's no guarantee that Sosa will be a starter, but there's possibilities that Montella genuinely like his playing style since he is technically a pretty good player.

Piotr Zielinski (Udinese) credibility grade (7-7.5)
Reasoning: Technically and tactically once again, he is the type of player that Milan's current coach might be keen on having. However, the situation regarding Zielinski is rather odd and complicated due to his Liverpool connection. The player was personally approach by Reds' boss, Jurgen Klopp before Euro 2016 for a potential transfer and seemingly having a verbal agreement as well with the German tactician. Unfortunately, that situation was not something Udinese's management like so they are pushing him to accept Napoli's offer which the player apparently was not that keen on for now. Apparently, Milan suddenly steps in and getting the upper hand with Zielinski might also be more interested with instead of going to Naples. Still, there's a certain amount of uncertainty which makes me wonder whether he is a strong target for Milan or not.

Juan Cuadrado (Chelsea) credibility rating (6.5-8)
Reasoning: Cuadrado is indeed an interesting player that Milan might strongly be interested on, but his status at Chelsea under Antonio Conte remain a mystery for now as the tactician could decide to use him after all next season. However, the player's fine display under Montella's tenure when they were both at Fiorentina is definitely a strong element that might made this deal is something possible this summer.  Still, should The Blues are allowing him to leave there could be strong competition for Rossoneri in Serie A with Juventus seemingly again interested in bringing him back.

Daniele Rugani (Juventus) credibility rating (6.5 - 7.5)
Reasoning: The  young Juve defender's name suddenly come up again this summer, notably this weekend following Bianconeri's purchase of Mehdi Benatia. Not keen on getting lesser playing time, there's a big chance that Rugani is keen on moving and Milan reportedly could pounce though media claim it will depend on Mateo Musacchio's deal, which is nearing completion. It's a tricky situation as the possibility is always there, but the ex-Empoli man might be more interested in joining his former boss Maurizio Sarri, who is now taking charge of Napoli. 

Alvaro Arbeloa (Free Transfer)credibility rating (7-8)
Reasoning: Many media, notably those from Spain continuously claiming that Milan are close or have even wrapped up the deal for Arbeloa, but so far no signs of that happening as just yet. Nevertheless, the veteran can be a nice backup solution which also suits coach Montella's possession style. It's a possible transfer and with rumors saying it will be a one year deal, this agreement is a rather interesting solution for the Rossoneri.

More names will be upgraded along the way, stay tuned ....


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