Milan Leaving for US Without Bacca and De Sciglio

In an interesting slight twist, AC Milan squad are heading to their US preseason tour without Carlos Bacca and also Mattia De Sciglio. Notably the bigger news would be regarding Bacca's omission from that called up squad for the states as he has been strongly linked with a potential departure this summer. As for De Sciglio, the player himself is still enjoying his extended holiday following Italy's deep run in Euro 2016 and won't be arriving at Milanello until July 28. From those reasoning, it's very safe for anyone to slightly thinking that the decision to leave out the Colombian international is related with Milan's transfer market.

As many have already know, Bacca is being courted by West Ham and is being given time until today to answer whether the is keen on joining them or not. There's still no strong indication regarding that answer though, since rumors continue to spark that teams like Sevilla, Arsenal along with Paris Saint Germain might be interested, though none of them have presented any official offer as just yet. Rossoneri themselves actually denied that their decision in omitting the forward is because of those transfer news about him as the club claimed that they wan't the Colombian to get his fitness ready at Milanello instead. 

Any version can easily be right since, Milan themselves are not going away that long anyway, so there's no need to bring players who are way behind in terms of fitness level compared to his teammates into the friendly games. Although one can argue that they can improve the player's condition during their session in USA, but considering the schedule they're having plus potential non football related promotions, head coach, Vincenzo Montella might think that the names being left out is better off getting themselves ready at Milanello instead.

However, talks about Bacca's involvement in Milan's transfer could very well be correct as well, since this kind of condition can easily distract one's preparation. Although Milan will only be involved in a friendly games, but the Rossoneri might just think it's better that the Colombian sort his future out with the club first before maybe joining his teammate should the sale didn't go through. Whatever the real situation is currently, Montella will continue his mission in installing his playing style into Rossoneri squad, with or without Carlos Bacca


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