Milan Looking for A New Color under Vincenzo Montella

AC Milan's decision in appointing Vincenzo Montella as their new head coach is not a surprising thing all for me, as ever since showing strong affection towards Montella's playing style sometime around two-three years back, I somehow knew that he will eventually get the role as Rossoneri boss. Many fans might just figured out that the former Italian international striker was a childhood Red and Black fans with Marco Van Basten as his idol, albeit didn't get the chance to play with Milan as a player, now Il Aeroplanino is set for something much bigger in current Rossoneri future.

Being the coach of AC Milan has become such intriguing role, especially after series of changes which haven't occurred since quite a while during Silvio Berlusconi era. My memories have to go back during 1996-1999 for this merry go round in managerial position happens. Having too many changes certainly bring many uncertainties within the club, especially for the players who have now struggle to find any sort of confidence in their performance. This is why Montella's arrival now turns into such massive moment for Milan, as if he is able to do well, things might finally turn bright for the Rossoneri.  

Already experiencing an era of tactical-dynamic setup under Massimiliano Allegri and the latest, Sinisa Mihajlovic, along with uncertain methods with young inexperienced former players turned coaches, Rossoneri will be hoping that Montella can really offer a new leaf into their identity crisis. Allegri can be considered as the most credible tactician from the latest bunch, but his football style is not really something that president Berlusconi was keen on seeing. This case can be considered different now with the former Fiorentina boss as he is one of the few Italian tactician that is capable of producing modern attacking football philosophy and ball possession based which is well liked by Milan society and notably Berlusconi. 

The fact that Montella's appointment was also agreed by Milan's potential buyer (Chinese Consortium), pretty much showcased his capabilities, though his recent rough patch at Sampdoria puts some doubt towards modern fans who only remember every recent things ones did instead of judging their overall track record. Nevertheless, his unsuccessful short stint at Blucerchiati does put his name suddenly floating away from the previously attractive young Italian tactician that many teams keen on having. However, now having the shot of managing Rossoneri since the start of season, with preseason training and potential transfer market support, Montella might rediscover his touch at La Viola and making it much better as Milan still have that bigger status compared to other teams he coached.

Should Montella able to make Milan play a similar playing style as his Fiorentina, that new era that Rossoneri are seeking might be closer that ever. For once, an exciting playing style can always attract attention from fans, pundits or any football enthusiasts who might finally give more positive vibe for the club, instead of the negatives that seem to be haunting them recently. Notably, if the tactician is being given the full financial support and able to pick up the right players, Rossoneri results could very well surpassed what Fiorentina did under Montellla's reign. Those two aspects are more than enough reason for any Red and Black fans to give their support and hope that things finally work out well for their favorite team, as the current coach  do have the required skill set to bring Milan into a positive modern era.

However, support seems to be a rather dying breed these days, especially with strong media influence that are fast in judging and plotting negativity thoughts towards today's fans. That's why in order for things to run well for Montella, at first he will need the available players or any potential new arrivals to really buy in into his game plan and enjoy their football more. Although there's always that possibilities of mental issues with Rossoneri, if players can maintain that believes in their football style things will eventually get back on track. Still, it won't hurt if Milan management can add or find that technical leader they've been missing since Zlatan Ibrahimovic's departure, someone who can be relied on during difficult moment and also able to pump up his teammates spirit when things are down. 

It won't be easy to lead Milan into another successful era, but Montella do posses the skill set required in leading Rossoneri into that right path. However, it won't be all on him as other supporting aspects must do their job well so Rossoneri can finally break into the modern era scene with brighter future, especially when their sale process finally gone through. 


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