AC Milan Confirmed Preliminary Agreement and Gustavo Gomez Signing

The long awaited and delayed preliminary agreement for AC Milan's sale to a Chinese consortium have officially been done today, in a sudden rush. This once again prove how fans should not just swallow every rumors being thrown out of the media, especially when those minor reports arriving only because the press were not receiving any latest info. Anyway, Rossoneri's preliminary agreement was confirmed by the club's company owner, Finivest, issuing an official statement which basically said that Silvio Berlusconi along with representative from China, Han Li have signed an agreement for Milan's sale worth 740 million Euro.

Obviously the process will only be concluded by the end of this year as there's certain amount of time required to conclude the full payment, though 100 million Euro deposit will be paid early (15 million up front and the rest after 35 days). Moreover, the time is also needed as both parties must required certain aplicable authorization from Italy and Chinese government. This also means that Milan's transfer market have finally been unlocked as with insurance of cash fund from investors, Rossoneri can fork out certain type of deal to acquire players who head coach Vincenzo Montella wants. 

One player who has been officially signed is Paraguay international, Gustavo Gomez who reportedly signed a contract that will tie him until June 30th, 2021. The player is one of the defenders that Montella advised to sign as he has been monitoring Gomez since the tactician's Fiorentina days. Upon arriving from USA, the tactician also confirmed that he knows the former Lanus defender, stating that Rossoneri have acquired someone with strong personality and great potential. 


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