Too Much Drama for Donnarumma, Move on Milan

In the past couple of days, the footballing world has received a slight shock wave due to Gianluigi Donnarumma's decision not to renew with AC Milan. Although it's often seen as quite normal for any player to opt out on his contract, but the young goalie's decision, notably created such thunder for many, especially those in Italy. Aside from the basic contractual thingy, eventually many speculation eventually rises regarding the 18-year-old's rejection of renewal. From those who despite that decision, even to some who seemingly try to make right of the situation by once again putting doubts on Rossoneri's project. Looking it from the outside, it's certainly a situation which I didn't really predict at first, sine just like I wrote in my previous transfer analysis, the keeper situation looked more than a chess match at the time, but things suddenly evolving into an odd manner.

Am I surprised? honestly yes, but not in the state of shock like some fans seems to be, mainly because even from his first debut I never had any sort of feeling that Donnarumma is someone who will become an iconic hero for Rossoneri. Part because of just gut feeling, another part perhaps due to the fact that it's rare to see Milan being overly attached with a goalkeeper and also because Mino Raiola is Donna's agent. Is the young lad talented? sure he it, but I honestly never embrace his hype as much as some fellow Milanisti. Technically and talent wise, he is not too different from other young keeper prospect, even Rossoneri's backup keeper, Alessandro Plizzarri. However, what differs the Napoli native from those other talents are his physical attributes and body frame along with confidence. 

If people are being honest with their assessment, Donnarumma also makes plenty glaring mistakes this past season. Notably, being 18 and talented can get him away with lots of stuff by the Italian based media and football fans, but from outside viewing those stuff  might not be missed that much. Of course basing on his age, the skills that Donna currently possessed is more than good enough, but if it was not for his imposing figure, he might just be considered as one of those many talents out there. One of the teen's main weaknesses is his habit in getting out of position at times, especially when his team are under attack. 

His confidence over his physical attributes, seemingly prompting him from getting into the best position and relies a lot of his fine reflexes to make some saves, not only that, just like many young keeper, he also has some issues in anticipating crossing, notably from corners or free kicks. Another glaring problems that many fans pretty much admitted is that he is not that good with his feet, including in his long kicks. Certainly considering his young age, he can always improve himself, but the time frame for keeper's improvement can be quite long as it can be seen on how several hyped up young goalies often experienced stunt in their growth for a while. That situation is very common and pretty much happens because keeper's training drills are different from outfield players and the challenges they're facing on the pitch are not as repetitive as those playing in other positions. 

Donna's Debacle

Just as I previously stated above, personally I never seems to get too attached with Donnarumma, even until he get that swift rise of fame and got himself into Italian national team setup. Although i can understand some of the sentiments surrounding his rejection of a new deal, still I pretty much sees it as a talented kid who only played one and half season with Milan wanting out from the club. Obviously his presence in the Rossoneri youth setup since 14-year-old, albeit via a dodgy deal, along with the youngster's blabbering words about wanting to stay long and become Milan's captain can easily sway fans to adore him. Nevertheless, to really be attached over a player, I simply need to see something more, or at least having them playing several years at San Siro. However, Donna still haven't been that long with the team, so it's no time to be overly sentimental about this debacle. Still, I can get the rage from some fans, since the dragging contract talks, along with supposedly ridiculous clause being mentioned in the media which is basically too much.

 Milan's Stance 

Albeit most Milan fans have basically take side of the management, there are some media people along with the common sneaky doubters, who are trying to continue questioning the management's decision, including Fassone and Mirabelli's stance. Seeing things in the most logical and business point of view, what Rossoneri's new management did was pretty much sensible. With reports stating they offered around 4.5 to 5 million euro per year for an 18-year-old goal keeper, who only had one solid season so far in the league, it's very unreasonable for them to simply bend over more. They're mind set for me is quite professional, if such massive offer is not enough to convince a teenage talent to stay at the club he supposedly support, that means the player is not keen on committing there. 
Now the questions remain is whether it's the agent who had more say in making that decision? we will never know, not even for the upcoming season perhaps as everything from now until then will be nothing more than damage control attempt. Personally, I think it could another ego battle between the management and Mino Raiola, since many reports suggested that the two parties doesn't really have a heart warming relationship. Raiola is always known as someone who is keen on acquiring many advantages for his profit when the super agent is dealing with clubs for clients. While, apparently Milan's new management duo, are not that keen in fulfilling all the additional feel normally requested by the agent. 

Their supposed cold relationship reportedly has been since during Fassone and Mirabelli's time at Inter, so their appointment at Milan pretty much what triggers Raiola's doubt on his ability of working well with the club again. This situation of course being twisted by those crappy doubters media to once again question Rossoneri's ownership situation. Logically, if the Red and Black squad's new Chinese ownership are indeed shady, why would someone with similar kind of status in Raiola have to be concerned about? Clubs status or even ownership situation, as long as his players and himself is being fat, the agent won't give any worry about it. That's why it's shameful that some press or media people suddenly put doubts again on Milan, while few days back they were impressed with their signings.

Moreover, recent statement from another super agent, Jorge Mendes, about his faith on Milan's new management should also put some rest over those minor voices. Putting in the UEFA situation is also silly, since there's not factual reports regarding what the footballing board were discussing regarding Rossoneri's financial plan plea. Some tweaking along with showcase of their marketing projects in China might just do the trick eventually, so waiting is simply the answer to those questions. Continuously trying to attack Rossoneri's new ownership is certainly a ploy that might never stop, but if things keep going well for Milan, it will certainly died out. That's why putting this into the Donnarumma's discussion is just a petty attempt in trying to make right of things that already went horribly south. 

Power Play

Just as I mentioned above, the whole catastrophic even could be just another power playing by Raiola which is being taken by Milan's management. Whether the agent already had offers in store or not from other teams, the agreement arguably can still happen, but recent reports of bust up between him and Mirabelli might really be the main trigger. Moreover, the Rossoneri's decision to immediately go public with the rejection, could also be a situation that Donnarumma himself wasn't expecting as in many contract negotiation, a rejection might not always mean that end of things. However, the dragging around, along with the hesitation despite being given huge offer seemingly irritated Fassone and potential the ownership. Naturally creating the kind a messy situation, which for now not actually suitable at all for the young goalie.
This type of situation is somewhat similar with how things go with Paolo Maldini, although that case was most likely more of a misunderstanding and ego battle compared to Donna's situation. As many fans might now, earlier, Maldini was being offered a certain role in the new management. The former Milan's skipper was excited and open to the idea at first, but as negotiation went along, there's a disagreement over certain matters that simply triggered the former defender's ego to shout out his concern over the ownership. Naturally, the ex-Italian international's worry happened because of the management refusal to give him the authority or opportunity in having a more direct relationship with the owner.

That was basically the statement Maldini was referring in his interviews, for him, being such highly respected Rossoneri legend, he feels that he has every rights to know more and  have strong bond with the main Chinese ownership. However, from different point of view, the management might feel that the 48-year-old is fetching for more power, a bigger role and not having too much respect over Fassone and Mirabelli, especially the former, who was directly appointed by the new owner. Although Paolo might indeed having some issues with his proposed role, but certainly both sides egos triggered a difficult situation in patching things up as they simply see things in a different way. Moreover, the things that Maldini was asking, is not something common for Chinese businessman to do, so things suddenly becomes difficult. 

Moving Forward

Getting back to Donnarumma's issue, the way to go now for Milan fans is just to move forward and simply left less media attention for the keeper as their camp will certainly took advantage to try sway things their way should things continue to heat up.  It's simply best for the Rossoneri and even the keeper himself is to go forward as things currently brewing, even if there's such strong disappointment from the club and somewhat confusing situation for Donna, keeping the strain might not bode well for both in the near future. There's still some unclear situation on whether the Italian giant will be selling their teenage goalie or not this summer, since he is still under contract until 2018, but they already seeking for replacement.

This recent debacle might once again affecting the club's summer planning for quite a bit as now they have another priorities to solve aside from chasing outfield players. It's interesting to see whether Fassone and Mirabelli have some more big plans that they already set to unravel soon, in replay to the Donna saga? we will soon see as the transfer window is still very long and is not even officially open yet. For Donnaruma, this certainly the start of a difficult period for him and could be a big test for his already unique character, since there's many confusion seeming brewing from his camp.

Once again, I'm simply suggesting that moving on from a young talent who only spent one and half season on the club should not be made as a difficult situation. Despite the sentiment of the player's sweet words, promises, etc, in the end he is still an 18-year-old, who haven't yet reach massive milestones in a Red and Black jersey. The disappointment is certainly understandable, but there's no point on getting to stuck up in such a short period of past, considering Milan have had more iconic players departing San Siro in the past. Whatever happens with Donna's future, just let time answers it since many things can and will still occur until the closing of this summer transfer window.


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