Will Milan's Patience Bear Its Fruit?

AC Milan have been having a rather mix early part of their new season, notably in Italian Serie A as they already lost five games up til now, despite winning the same amount as well and only drawing just once. Certainly with the amount of money being spent this summer, that number of defeats are quite concerning, but so far the new management opted to remain patient with their head coach, Vincenzo Montella, something that whether some fans like it or not must be done, at least for the time being. Most of their defeats have arrived from other big teams, though apart from the match against Lazio, Rossoneri have actually been able to compete properly with their opponents, but just missing that bit of something each time.

Against AS Roma, Milan were able to battle hard and looked slightly dominant, before their opponent got themselves a goal out of nowhere and eventually taking advantage of Montella's team losing concentration to snatch the second goal. Somewhat similar situation to what happened this past weekend against defending champion Juventus, as the Red and Black squad were competing well against their opponent, but that game was decided by two wonderful goals from Gonzalo Higuain. There's still that slight lack of chemistry, confidence and quality going forward as they're finishing at decision making is still not at the highest quality as just yet. Meanwhile, slight miss-communication and concentration continuously resulting in goals for their opponents, notably when battling against those top teams.  

Lacking talents are not really the issue with the current Rossoneri squad, but they do lacking a bit of something compared with other teams that have seasoned players in the league. Several new arrivals might not be at the highest level as just yet, but they are quality talent that can get into that level should they improve properly. However, having too many young talents combined with arrivals who are not familiar yet with Serie A is simply a big gamble that the new management opted to go this summer. They started off well indeed, but having a team that are still working their chemistry on the pitch, not to mention several unexpected injury problems already troubling them early on, inconsistent results are bound to happen. 

Although five defeats already might be considered too match, but most of them were very tight and luck simply haven't been on their side either so far this season. Montella certainly must try to analyze and work on something that can immediately work, but sometime patience might very well be the key, since chemistry might take a while to really blend. That's probably why it's kind of difficult for the management to make a harsh decision on the tactician's future as Fassone and Mirabelli understand that they have a pretty big part to play with the current results. Buying so many talents, with most of them either never play in Serie A or experience competing with a big team, can be such dangerous decision since the tactician might need some figuring out time to discover which setup can work consistently. 

Of course Montella has his blames, notably in taking time to decide on the basic system the team going to use, along with deciding who will be making that first team squad certainly affecting that chemistry process. However, it's never easy as there's always difficulties in creating that right mix when there's just too many new players arriving and also many being shipped out from the squad along the way. For now, the former Fiorentina boss might need to simply go on what work best, especially up front and simply try to get the sharpest combination up front along with the back line as well. Notably up front as they've been struggling a bit in recent games to score goals, something that got to do more with that confidence and chemistry more than just talent.

Will patience bear its fruit for Milan this season, only time can answer it, but with the decision that they made this summer, in terms of players recruitment, certainly giving more time is something that must be taken as strong consideration.  One thing for sure, Montella must not let the current players losing more beliefs or confidence, because it will certainly play a huge effect on the performances on the pitch and should that happen, the tactician might really have to depart since maintaining the team's beliefs along with spirit are something that any coaches must do in this current situation.


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